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Several emails questioning my motives have arrived recently so I might as well address them all here.

My Living Will is specific. Should I ever babble about running for public office, my brain function lost in limbo, those responsible for my care are to assume I will never recover and remove all life support at once. If assisted suicide is an option, take it. Do Not Resuscitate.  No fighting over who gets to pull the plug.

I've watched friends who knew better fall into this delusion - one or two are names you know - and it never ends well.

I say this because some of y'all knew my grandfather, Ed Whitehouse, late of Main St, and Point Rd, Marion, where he was first selectman during the late 60s. My cousin Helen Palmer Lincoln helped rewrite Wareham's charter.

They took the money and their own delusions with them. The name, I'll keep.

Wm Palmer Whitehouse

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LMAO, brother Bill.



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