#1 2009-03-17 23:03:20

tonite brenda,bruce ,and jim blamed a previous boardof selectmen about the swifts beach fiasco. bruce is still sticking to his story yhat he abstained on the swifts beach vote. he had his soapbox will the other former board of selectmen be able to adress the comunity on cable access because he said his peace , i therefore think the other former selectmen should be invited by the cabel access commitee to refute his charges.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      if renee ,cindey tropeano and hartman give different stories about bruce different than his version of the facts about swifts beach  and his vote does this mean bruce will face purgery charges by the da. its not to late bruce to come clean and tell the truth about your involvement with the swift beach fiasco. you were the only one   who would personley benefit from this land takeing and you were slapping the face of the women you were parteners with until  you both had a falling out.  lets see 4 people telling the truth different from bruce does this mean bruce goes to jail for purgery.



#2 2009-03-18 00:01:28

Brenda kept whining that she'd been summoned twice and she wasn't even on the board at that time; but, she exclaimed, Renee hasn't yet testified.
And Bruce brought up the recall again.  That is only a ploy they use to elicit sympathy. Yeah, that was pretty pathetic the way he went on and on about being victimized....and why is he blaming the elusive group that is out to get him, when as far as I know, John Decas is the only person pursuing all of this.  I think they lie so much they actually believe their lies.



#3 2009-03-18 07:20:24

yes thank you john decas for doing this all for us and better gov.



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