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Episode 1 - Do You Know Who I Am?

Brucey meets someone that doesn't know who he is and hilarious hijinx ensue.

If anyone needs me, I'll be hiding in a cave till the fallout is over...



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#3 2009-06-16 14:31:04

F'N brilliant! Can't wait for more.



#4 2009-06-16 16:09:41

bravo bravo just great ,give us    more.

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#5 2009-06-16 17:31:28

Ham, you made my day. I've been waiting for the latest salvo from the St but this is even better.



#6 2009-06-16 18:10:12

Oh my GAUD!  That was sooo funny.  I'm dying, waiting for people to come from work so that I can tell them to watch it.  Great job, Ham...you find the best stuff...well bill too with that baby with the snot bubble.  Is that bobo?



#7 2009-06-16 18:20:14

OMG, I am rolling on the floor laughing my ass off, the tears are streaming down my face! That is so fucking funny, rag man where are you? Love it, love it, love it, can't wait for episode 2!



#8 2009-06-16 18:23:15

Bill, any chance you can add a Facebook share button? I noticed a few people copied the link and it is getting rave reviews!



#9 2009-06-16 19:22:05

iliveinazoo wrote:

Bill, any chance you can add a Facebook share button? I noticed a few people copied the link and it is getting rave reviews!

I'm a neo-luddite but point me where, I'll find it.



#10 2009-06-16 19:57:52

Not sure how it works Bill but, if you look at most on-line news stories (even S-T.com) has a button to "share" to Facebook. Facebook is a social networking web site, if you decide to join, please friend me! www.facebook.com



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billw, here's one service that you can use to allow people to easily share pages across multiple social networking sites: http://www.addtoany.com/

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Admittedly, this is not my best work.  It was something I did while I was fooling around with the program to see what I could do, and though I regret its many naughty words, I finally decided I just could not rob the public from hearing "he eats many ba-guls" in a computerized voice.



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just so all 3 episodes are tobether



#14 2009-06-21 14:24:29

I find it especially funny having had a "DoyouknowwhoIam?" experience a while back.  Stopping by a local "full service" gas station, I engaged the service tech in a conversation about the horrid conditions of the politics in Wareham.  I asked "What do you think of Bruce?"  He said I just told him.  It seems that Bruce got agitated about the service and asked "Do you know who I am? I vote on renewing your license."  The service tech answered. "Fuck you. You need to speak with the owner."   

My next comment was: "I see you didn't get fired." He said that the owner repeated the same sentiments and hopes Bruce never comes back. I left the  humorous fellow with a lecture about voting in the next election. He promised he would.

Some people in Town aren't afraid to speak their minds.

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#15 2009-06-21 19:36:59

This is hilarious! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! Keep them coming!



#16 2009-06-22 18:53:06

Catch the world wide premier of Sweet Brucey and Friends: Episode 4 tommorrow night!



#17 2009-06-30 14:23:03

Sweet Brucey and Friends Episode 5 premieres tonight!



#18 2009-10-05 20:52:39

BREAKING NEWS: Stand by for the worldwide groundbreaking premiere of the Season One Finale of Sweet Brucey and Friends!

Believe it or not, but Episode 12 has a tie-in to Episode 1, so I'm bumping this up.

Sorry for the naughty language, but after all, it's no worse than an (edit) friggin crap (edit) Paul Shooter column.



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