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The link below is a profile of Bob Slager published last summer by either a vanity press, a college intern or a freshly minted Bic (use-them-and-lose-them) reporter. Or maybe some publisher's idiot nephew. I didn't want to dig too deep and neither will you.

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LOL Bill, I have the original SoCo magazine. I couldn't throw it out because I figured someday that interview would be so funny.



#3 2009-06-17 15:01:21

"I'm the ringmaster of this weekly circus," said the Rag Man.  A loaded quote meaning 1) he thinks he's in charge and 2) he sees our town as just some kind of entertainment side show.

That article read like the reporter wrote down whatever the Ragman said verbatim, never challenged any of it, and worse yet, never bothered to search out a single quote from anyone who disagrees with the Ragman...nor did they even seek out quotes from people the Ragman blasted in the interview.

It's just a lame monthly regional rag, best suited to keeping you preoccupied whilst you drop a dump as you wait in the doctor's office.

"Ohhh yes, let me just put this bad ass leather jacket on that I just happen to keep in my closet, no it's not to make me look super cool, it's just I keep it around in case a photographer wants to take a picture of me in front of this white background."

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for what it's worth, i did a google search for "Richard Costa" soco (with Richard Costa being the article's author) - there wasn't a whole lot of info about him, but most of the hits were from various gay-rights groups complaining about how terribly one-sided another of his "news" pieces were.  This link - http://www.edgeboston.com/index.php?ch= … =&id=86859 claims that the article by "investigative reporter" Richard Costa was supposed to be "just the facts", to supplement two editorial articles taking opposite sides of the issue.  It also states "Costa does not appear to have interviewed advocates on either side of the marriage debate for the story" - sounds awfully similar to Hamatron's suggestion that Costa didn't challenge anything Slager said for the article....



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