#1 2010-03-02 14:46:58

I walked out last Thursday morning, my hair cut $20 shorter, as WarehamWeek publisher Anne Eisenmenger walked in delivering a fresh minted bundle.

We'd never met or talked so I introduced myself.

"I should have called," she said, after recognizing my name. I'd already read that week's "From the Publisher" column and the lead story of the issue Ms. Eisenmenger held in her hands.


Anne Eisenmenger wrote:

Just the facts, ma'am

A newspaper's role is to provide its readers with accurate, fair, complete, understandable, interesting, and timely information. Historically, most newspapers also contain an editorial page on which the editors go beyond this basic information to tell readers what they should think about the information, how they should act on that information, who they should vote for, and so forth.

We don't think that's necessary.

Apparently not. In the same issue, staff reporter Jaime Rebhan interviewed three Wareham Selectmen accused of criminal behavior the town has never witnessed before, and the Town Manager they hired to paper over the resulting uproar. Ms. Eisenmenger's reporter took them at their word and quoted no one else.

The story's 101-word lede is priceless.

During our brief encounter Thursday, Ms Eisenmenger alluded unprompted to Slager's Select funding sources, and insisted she's financing her own effort out of pocket, with some help from her parents.

Ms Eisenmenger also discussed her VillageSoup franchise and confessed she was previously employed by those wonderful folks who brought you Ruth Thompson, her buddy Bobo and David Smith.

That's the Wareham Courier for you; the gift that keeps on giving.

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#2 2010-03-02 20:10:54

I personally find the paper to be a refreshing change from what we had offered to us previously. 

I thought that the article showed the public just how ridiculous the witch hunt on the computers was.  I took it as a positive that it was brought to light for many people in town who may have not paid attention. 

I have been employed by a couple companies that I am not proud of.  It does not mean that I have taken their values with me when I left.



#3 2010-03-02 20:34:18

WantToSeeChange wrote:

I thought that the article showed the public just how ridiculous the witch hunt on the computers was.

Please don't make excuses. That was thoroughly rotten, single sided news reporting. Period.



#4 2010-03-02 20:53:07

I wasn't overly impressed with the article, but overall find the new paper to be much better then the other choices!



#5 2010-03-02 20:56:40

Sorry Bill, I read the original post of this story and did not see the update.  I agree, the paper should have gotten a quote from you as well. 

Overall, so far I see the paper as a positive thing for the town.  The broad range of stories are nice and tend to show the positive stuff going on in town.  This has been lacking for a long time now and I think it is about time someone took notice of the positive.  Hopefully it will stay this way.



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