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Good afternoon, all.

An article in the wareham week caught my attention, regarding the formation of a PAC by the notagroup crowd who are nowagroup (hard to follow their - you should pardon the expression - reasoning, I know). Esp.  when the article says that the notagroup "was originally organized less than a year ago". Truth?  -  who needs it?

Now dick wheeler has admonished us all to be positive, so here goes. "people know what's going on". What a great idea! Why didn't I think of it? Kudos to the notagroup, er PAC. does that mean that the former selectpersons, about whom they are "vocally supportive" will reveal to the people just what was going on during their reign? And, the head of the notagroup, ah PAC, says that they will be "above board". Excellent! Such a change in modus operandi is to be commended.

See, Dick: I can be oh-so-positive.

And there is more positive stuff! "more citizen involvement" Woo-hoo!, what a concept! Just like their two favorite retired (due to a blood disorder, their vote totals were anemic) selectpersons encouraged all those years, leading to 60 or so  vacancies on Town committees. a terrific opportunity to reverse that pattern   -   I'm POSITIVE that that's what the nowagroup dudes have in mind.

and bestest of all: "we want to dispel those fears of being intimidated at Town Meeting by offering to go as a group and sitting together" How clever of them! Turn TM into a BLOCK party. Remember, Wareham TM votes with those colorful little cards. Reminds me of the card sections at college football games. Can't you just see it?

Bob Brady stands up (guess he's not initimidated, even by the BLOCK party) and debates an article on the floor. In the card section, the maestro signals: one - two -three- UP! and the BLOCK party forms the letters N-F-W. Or, a certain former selectman who thinks that everyone is entitled to his opinion in excess rises to speak on any and all issues affecting him personally. Maestro signals: one-two-three- UP! and the BLOCK party spells out Y-E-S with its cards. Oh My! what a spectacle the BLOCK party has in store. Can't hardly wait.

but what about those timid, terrified, tortured souls at Town Meeting? I have POSITIVE suggestions for the Advancing to the Rear nowagroup.

1. Erect a tent over the BLOCK party, to shield those sensitive types. Protect them from, yaknow, dirty looks.

2. Use the Brenduh-zelas while Bob Brady and others are speaking to keep those words at bay. softly, of course; just enuf to neutralize reasonable opinions and protect the sensitive.

3. but what if one of these unfortunates actually chooses to speak at TM? In that case, you can form a protective wall around the poor soul, sort of like a rugby scrum, and escort him/her to the microphone. Thus, assuring the wimp that no physical harm will result. while it is speaking, you can circle the individual and cast withering stares toward the opposition, daring them to even think about intimidation.

there you have it. All positive, all the time. I'm just positive that the Advancing to the Rear nowagroup has something to say. I keep hearing this sound, like a pach-e-derm trumpeting, which is similar to a vuvuzela, which is modeled after the Brenduh-zela. I'm positive.



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Hey, Yogi, where's Bobo?

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