#1 2010-09-15 21:36:53

Wareham 2010 Fall Town Meeting Warrant

Animated Articles link..
http://warehamobserver.com/viewtopic.ph … 458#p71458


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article 84 contains........

"to authorize the Board of Selectmen, if the Board of Selectmen so vote, to lease or convey said property and improvements for the purposes of improving, expanding and the perpetual management of the property for affordable rental housing...."



#3 2010-09-16 17:39:01

Article 84 is a no brainer...NO!
I love how they have circumvented the wishes of the people since 1977.
I hope once you kill this article, it will be for once and all. Don't get sucked in to "Studying" it again.



#4 2010-10-22 16:18:37

WW's link to the town warrant.  The first article out of the gate seems to be already shifting $$ around to the usual three. 
http://wareham-ma.villagesoup.com/media … arrant.pdf



#5 2010-10-22 16:25:59

Doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? Who benefits? Reduce it, then spend it on something else.



#6 2010-10-22 16:45:12


Who benefits? or, who suffers?

The transfer from the Assessing department, along with the lack of advertising of a 'vacancy' since the prior Director of assessing fled to Fall river, leads me to conclude that the T/A thinks that a reduced staff in that office will be just fine.

It will not.

The reduction will be at the professional level of the staffing and will have consequences going forward. these will be on a technical level that will not be obvious without knowledge of how that department works. Perhaps the proposed solution is to outsource some of the functions of the department. This approach could actually INCREASE the required budget for the department over time.

Remember, many hedge funds (and others) encountered trouble when they borrowed short-term to invest long-term. Is that how the T/A and the BoS are approaching budget problems? There are limits to that game.

Try (and it is hard, no doubt) to listen very carefully as Andrews slings the BS in his reports. get past the "great jobs" and "wonderfuls". etc.; try to focus on the real deal. Not easy, since he has a knack for obfuscation that is beyond the pale.



#7 2010-10-22 16:58:14

The last time you and I had a conversation, in person, nota, you educated me more than you know.

When you told me how very important the position of Assessor was in Wareham, especially since the Charter changes, you told me: "You can't afford to have an elected Assessor any longer."

You explained, in great detail, your reasoning. Your experience far trumps mine, and I agreed with you, and still do. The position is VERY important and MUST be filled by a professional, proven and tried.

Thank you for your input, my good friend.



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