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There's a certain undertone at Town Meeting, one where people attending other than the CRC are seeing these articles and there presentation as a farce!..other threads point out the lack of preparedness..I for one feel like the CRC think they are smarter than everyone else, when in fact many TM Members are quite knowlegeable about our form of Government and in particular our Charter..perhaps including some of the folks who have been able to disssect these articles rather than a group of BOS lackeys would have resulted in our Charter being reviewd!

As they trudged through the articles the term "well oiled machine" was used to describe Slavin, Schneider, Jones, EddieP, and the rest..Mr. "nine-committee" Slavin fumbling through paperwork with Dr.Mick was referred to as "the blind leading the blind"!..having no answer for LizM's question about no one running for a certain Precint was almost comical..one observer suggested Curly could move to that Precint, why keep carpetbagging at the Federal and State level!..my guess is the CRC has lost credibility with those who were on the fence coming into this fall's meeting..

How many articles needing a 2/3 majority to pass havent even gotten the majority of votes?..no one is buying Schneider and the "drama queen" Smith reading their written statements..was anyone moved by Mrs Dr Jones tearful plea about those who couldn't attend?..and lets not forget EdP's shot at Donna Bronk, saying she wasn't worthy of being on an appointing authority because she wasn't elected..there were even questions surrounding the cost of the public presentations put on by this group..whatever it cost, it was money wasted..

MY final point will be the constant mentioning of Westfield: Sweet Brucey, Jane, RBoucher, and even Grizzi(who the f@#% hired her!) have brought it up, very contrived..they will continue to try to dupe the Seniors of this Town, false promises being mad to the Elderly who await housing..hopefully, this will be the final time we have to deal with this SWEETheart deal for a private developer and who knows who else!

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Well done, sDB...well said and quite true.

Maybe once Westfield is shot down again, the mooches will stop thinking someone is going to feed them, and they will have to seek employment, instead of anticipating enjoyment.

They may learn that employment DOES bring enjoyment.

Greasing palms ain't gonna' fly this time.

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