#1 2011-01-11 02:06:00

Andrews: Um, I am continuing to work with our Chief, ah, on a contract, ah, that will hopefully be able to come forward and, ah, give you more information in a short period of time.
Winslow: Madam Chair?
Donahue: Mrs Winslow.
Winslow: I have one question and one comment. My first question is the, ah, ongoing negotiations with the Chief of Police. Have we called for a Civil Service test?
Andrews: Yes, we have.
Winslow: Ok, so we're...
Donahue: And if I could, Mr Andrews, I would just like to go back to the, um,  question Mrs Winslow asked you about the Civil Service test being put out there and I know that, um, that it is out there and that's Plan "B"?
Andrews: That is correct.
Donahue: That we can not come to an agreement with Chief Stanley? How close are we to an agreement with Chief Stanley?
Andrews: I'd have to say, very close.
Donahue: And so the board will be hearing from you on that sometime soon?
Andrews: You are correct, Madam Chair. And also there's a Plan "C" with respect to an Assessment Center concept that has been taking shape throughout Chiefs of Police and the Associations in terms of how assessments can be done internal to the town, going forward and we are also evaluating that procedure, as well.

BoS 1/4/11

Last edited by DDPTRO (2011-01-14 19:53:22)



#2 2011-01-11 09:38:12


Thank you Cara Winslow for asking the question.

Here is the situation: You have a mooch, ready to retire from another Town as Chief of Police, mooching off of Wareham for a year or so, telling his HOME Town newspaper that he was staying on as Chief, telling his BOS he was staying on as Chief, and at the same time he is playing footsie with your TA, trying to get the best deal he can.

VERY dedicated and loyal guy.

Someone needs to call his local paper and have them write a story telling the citizens of his Town that he is a back stabber and is trying to screw them by leaving. Let them get a new Chief. They deserve one.

Meanwhile, Plans A and B by the TA are mixed up.

Plan A should be call for the Civil Service Police Chief exam (he...the TA.. claims they have done that...is that true?....I think he is lying...I think cops and others would know if an exam was called for....if he is lying, he should be terminated immediately).

Plan B is that Chief Stanley will be guaranteed to be one of the five finalists.

Watch and see how fast Stanley runs out of Wareham.

This is all bullshit. Time for the Selectmen ( save Ms. Winslow) to be leaders and start holding the Ta's and his minions feet to the fire.

The Town is on the verge of bankruptcy...spend more time on saving money and not trying to increase a money deal for an old man retiring from one Town and being wooed by another.

What a slap in the face to the Police Officers of Wareham.

What a bunch of clowns.



#3 2011-01-11 09:41:02

By the way, this site is breaking this news to the people of Wareham. I have not heard ONE word from any other "news" source in the area.

Thanks Dave.



#4 2011-01-11 12:37:44

lets see andover says in there newspaper he is staying there in andover,yet andrews saying he is in negotions with stanley ,what gives, is this a shakedown of wareham ,wareham cant afford more than 100 k,period, we need a police chief we can afford and we need it rite now . .



#5 2011-01-11 15:28:03

Could someone please explain Plan "C"



#6 2011-01-11 15:44:36

Menrva wrote:

Could someone please explain Plan "C"

The short answer: plans A, B, and C are Andrews and Donahue blowing smoke to cloud their Civil Service irregularities. A quick google search [Police Assessment Center Massachusetts] turns up a lot of deleted, but still cached, links.


Regional Assessment Center Initiative
Dear Appointing Authorities and Chiefs of Police,

For the officially issued announcement of this program, please see the Regional Assessment Center Initiative Memo Regional Assessment Center Initiative Memo(RTF).

The Human Resources Division (HRD) is proud to announce the continuation of the Regional Assessment Center Initiative. This Initiative will help many communities enjoy the benefits of Assessment Center testing, with a much lower cost than a Delegated Assessment Center.

Please note: Communities who participated in the 2009 Regional Assessment Center Initiative are not eligible to participate again in 2010.

Please see the Regional Assessment Center Q&A document for information regarding how to submit a request to participate in this Initiative; requests to participate should be filed as soon as possible, and no later than February 1, 2010. Seats are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Assessment Centers are a series of exercises designed to test how well a candidate would perform in a job, using task simulations and role players to replicate real, on-the-job situations. Candidates are evaluated on qualities such as Decision-Making, Written and Oral Communication, Interpersonal Skills, and Leadership. As these qualities are important in the promotion of Chiefs and Deputy Police Chiefs, and yet difficult to measure in multiple-choice written exams, the use of Assessment Centers to evaluate promotional candidates is growing and gaining acceptance in Massachusetts. For many communities, the only barrier to using an assessment center is the relatively high costs associated with it, especially during these fiscal hard times.

Through the Regional Assessment Center Initiative, HRD is committed to overcome this barrier by offering civil service communities the option of a joint assessment center for the 2010 Police Chief and Deputy Police Chief exam series, at the same fee rate to applicants as our multiple-choice written promotional exam.  We are also delighted that the initiative has brought forth a partnership among the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association (MCoPA), EB Jacobs, an international public safety testing consultant, and HRD. In the upcoming months, MCoPA continue to provide assessors and subject matter expertise at no cost to the Commonwealth, and EB Jacobs will assist in test validity.

If your community anticipates a vacancy in the title of Police Chief or Deputy Police Chief within the next two years, HRD encourages you to join us in this testing initiative. We believe that this is an exceptional opportunity since the use of an Assessment Center has proven to be effective and insightful for both candidates and Appointing Authorities.

If you do not foresee a Police Chief or Deputy Police Chief vacancy in your community, you can still join us and support this initiative by serving as an assessor or by assisting us at the testing site.

For more information regarding the Regional Assessment Center Initiative, please view the Regional Assessment Center Q&A document.  Appointing Authorities who have additional questions regarding the Initiative may contact Ms. Loren Columbare at (617) 878-9741 or Loren.N.Columbare@massmail.state.ma.us. This document will be updated as needed to address the most commonly asked questions, so be sure to check back often for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.




#7 2011-01-27 18:50:34

Cara wants to ask a question and make a comment.  Donahue takes over.  Very rude to cut someone off in mid sentence.

I've always had a hard time believeing someone that has so many uhs, ums & ahs when speaking to me, answering a question or making a statement.  I feel I (we) have been lied to.  Plan C, in my opinion, is not a lie because he never stammered.  JMO



#8 2011-01-27 19:11:25

justme wrote:

Cara wants to ask a question and make a comment.  Donahue takes over.  Very rude to cut someone off in mid sentence.

Justme, if Donahue or anyone else shit on you like that, you'd bite their head off and laugh about it.

We all of us have to get mad and object to this crap.



#9 2011-01-27 20:16:06

justme wrote:

Cara wants to ask a question and make a comment.  Donahue takes over.  Very rude to cut someone off in mid sentence.

Let me clear up any confusion. First Cara Winslow spoke... then Brenda Eckstrom spoke about some different things for a few minutes..then Jane Donahue and Mark Andrews spoke. When I made the clip, I edited out the irrelevant (Brenda) discussion. To view the segment uncut go to:

BoS 1/4/11

(starts at 36:55 of part 2 and continues onto part 3) 

If you watch closely on the clip above, I used "video transition" effects to attempt to "show" that one comment did not immediately follow the next (guess it didn't work). I didn't intend to cause any confusion (just tried to keep comments on the same topic together)..and as always (before I make any clips) I posted the meeting in it's entirety prior to clipping out any portions of it..and I added a link to the full meeting.



#10 2011-01-28 16:45:54

Doesn't matter, they do it all the time.  It is still rude.

And Bill, I've had people try to do that to me and I put them in their place immediately.  Biting their head off comes if they don't get the message - immediately.  I have to fume a while before I can laugh about it.  That's just my nature, I guess.



#11 2011-01-28 17:50:44

justme wrote:

I have to fume a while before I can laugh about it.  That's just my nature, I guess.

Life long residents - those who've endured year after year of city seasonals - usually know how to manage arrogant bullies. Polite doesn't work.



#12 2011-01-30 02:10:48

Oh, Bill - I am not really polite when I tell someone off!  I have a tone of authority (don't know where it comes from) that could cut someone down to their ankles.  And I don't yell or swear, because then all they hear is the yelling - not what I am telling them.  Sometimes I treat them like a second grader and TELL them to repeat what I just told them, back to me.  Works almost everytime.  I got my training on the "seagulls" that would come down for the summer from the city and try to step all over you.  Oh, how I miss those days.



#13 2011-02-03 22:51:22

Jaime Rebhan wrote:

It's still unclear whether part-time Interim Police Chief Richard Stanley will be taking over the post on a permanent basis...

WW: Chief Stanley's status still a mystery



#14 2011-02-04 09:19:17

What kind of game is this guy playing, and why are the administrators of Wareham even dealing with this guy?

His own brother Police Officer, and Chairman of the BOS in N.Andover,(strange form of government to allow a cop to be a Selectman) says the man promised to stay in their Town...you know...the Town this guy is CHIEF of Police...

He is a snake. He is playing one Town against the other. Let him play somewhere else and Wareham call for a Civil Service exam, get a list of candidates, transparently interview them, and pick a Chief of Police full time.

Someone young that is willing to devote his(or her) life to the Town of Wareham, not some old man looking to retire with the best "golden parachute" he can receive.

What the hell has he ever done for Wareham to justify kissing his ass so much?

Get real...get a Chief.

Let Stanley go back to N. Andover and do his Irish dance there and kiss the asses of those used to it and expect it of him.

Sleep with snakes and you will be bitten.

This whole thing is consistent with the incompetence of personnel hires, bus contracts that never materialize, involvement in affairs outside of the purview of the BOS, no reserve fund, more money about to be smacked against you for snow removal, millions in debt and no way out that has been presented.

I do hope you have candidates for Selectmen that are willing to speak up and speak out and make promises that they will keep.

This may be the most important election in Wareham in 50 years...no lie.



#15 2011-02-09 18:03:23

So...say the TA for Wareham calls the Civil Service Comm., at the end of December, and says that he wants to call for a Chief's exam, for WAREHAM POLICE OFFICERS only....he would be told that you must have 4 Lts. on the Dept, in order to call for such a test, however, you can call for a STATEWIDE exam, and Sgts. and above everywhere in the State would be eligible to take the exam.

Which exam do you think the TA of Wareham asked for...knowing that there are only 2 Lts. on the WPD?


You are surrounded by crooks, liars and clowns. I don't know what you have to do to clean up the mess, but I would think electing people to office that will demand answers and encourage direction to those who serve under them would be a good start.

In the meantime, looks like Stanley will stay, as a part-time Chief, until he is so old they take him to work in a handicap bus...and you will pay for all of it...how nice.

FIRE Andrews NOW!

Clean out the scum and start all over again. These people are like mold....you never realize how bad it is until it is too late.

Andrews has been proven to be a liar. The Chief is a mooch...Disloyal, ass-kissing mooch.



#16 2011-02-09 18:53:14

Ah, DanO. another of our reticent bloggers. Please tell us, in some detail, what you really think.

Now. i have posted before and it bears repeating: Stanley is all about a pension play. Well, OK, no doubt most of us would work 6-7 days a week for a limited time  -  say 2 years  - to boost our pension by 50 % give or take. Isn't it strange that BoBo and the real press have given Stanley a free pass on that rather simple question? and, as a follow-up, how is that pension calculated between the Essex Regional Retirement System and the Plymouth County Retirement system? and, how much is the Town of Wareham on the hook for in this retirement ploy?

There is one person at 54 Marion Road who knows, or ought to know. He (correct pronoun) is strangely silent. Perhaps he (ibid) will allow us to hear some real numbers thru a certain website, since there is currently NO print edition thereof. It appears that he (ibid) eschews any other media outlets, except for his beloved BoBo; as was the case during the health insurance fund issue. Time for the ol' parking lot rendevous.

As for Stanley, it doesn't matter to me if the Chief + Chief is the greatest law enforcement officer to tread the ground of Plymouth county since Myles Standish himself. that is not the point. For me, it ain't about Stanley, the individual; or Stanley the professional.

the point is the tainted, slippery, slimey, back-door methods your Town officials have used to bring him into the mix. If this were the only example, then one might say that the civil service requirements were considered a problem. But, this approach has been used over & over & over to address key personnel matters during the reign of terror that the BoS unleashed upon the Town. there has been a persistent attitude from the BoS over the past few years that "we know better". Oh, really? Where is the evidence?

Where is the over-arching, overwhelming, over-the-top evidence? don't look too hard  -  there ain't no such animal.

One more thing. Stanley embarked on a personal mission to pad his pension, within the then-current rules. Fair enuf. The General Court (i.e the state legislature) saw fit to change the rules, to the detriment of the Stanleys of the state. But...did they?

In a conversation with an administrator of one of the retirement boards in the state (not Essex or Plymouth), the point was raised that the changes voted are being challenged in the courts. So,  will the chief + chief be allowed to spike? will the Town's T/C ever reveal the cost to the Town of Stanley's spiking play? Will Stanley ever defecate or abdicate?

Stay tuned....



#17 2011-02-09 19:54:58

You the man, Stewie.

The Legislature in Florida finally closed the so called "DROP" program that allowed elected officials and high ranking administrators the right to retire, and still collect retirement pay as well as full pay because their services were "needed"

Big rip off...sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Stanley has no loyalty. If he did he would not be playing this game with the people of his own Town. We all know you can never trust anyone that doesn't show and demonstrate loyalty.

Wareham doesn't owe him a damn thing. Wareham DOES owe the men and women of the Wareham Police Department the right to advance in their chosen field of law enforcement. Why should you be a training ground for a person that can serve you for thirty years only to lose them to another Town because you don't want to reward them for their hard work and dedication.

Loyalty wouldn't be an issue with a local cop, would it?



#18 2011-02-09 21:28:27

How nice it would be to channel all of the energy that is used by these people to find ways to "double dip" into resolving the serious issues that face Wareham.

Since it would be ridiculous to pay the Chief of Police more money than his "boss", the TA, does that mean the TA is due for a BIG raise?

Watch next week's love fest....decide then.



#19 2011-02-10 18:54:01

A review of articles in the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune reveals little that is new. There is, however, a clear sense of frustration with Stanley's dance of the sugar plum fairies. I have attached an editorial from November for your perusal.

Back & forth. Forth & back. Quo vadis?, Stanley.

It is beyond time for this farce to end. Check the final comments in the editorial. It appears that they agree that the time is nigh for a resolution to this pas de deux.

2010-11-08. Eagle-Tribune: Chief's charade has gone on too long.

It has now been more than 14 months that North Andover police Chief Richard Stanley has also been leading the police department in Wareham, a community 80 miles away on the south coast of Massachusetts.

For how much longer will North Andover leaders allow this nonsense to continue?

To the contrary, North Andover selectmen and Town Manager Mark Rees seem eager to maintain the farce that Stanley is giving North Andover full value for the $133,226 it pays him annually.

"I have not seen any decline in the quality of work that he does for us," Rees told reporter Brian Messenger. "He's certainly still hands-on, very much involved."

The job of a police chief does not run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., five days a week. A city or town relies on its police chief to be available 24 hours a day, ready to respond to any crisis.

That's why police chiefs in towns the size of North Andover are paid six-figure salaries.

Yet unbelievably, the selectmen and Rees have no problem with Stanley working for North Andover four days a week while taking a vacation day each Friday to work in Wareham.

Stanley says he's also working in Wareham nights and weekends. He commutes between the two towns in a vehicle provided by Wareham.

Stanley has gotten away with this charade since August 2009, when he got the selectmen's approval to serve as interim chief in Wareham. He took the Wareham position to "help out" a community going through a difficult time and said then he had no interest in a permanent appointment as Wareham's chief.

Yet in March, Stanley reached an agreement in principle to become Wareham's full-time police chief. Stanley would not say whether he has yet signed a contract.

Stanley has been stringing both communities along, telling Wareham he needed to finish up some business in North Andover. Stanley said in March he wanted to see the North Andover department earn its state law enforcement accreditation and see the new police station through to completion.

The department earned its accreditation in May. The police station is slated to open by the end of the month. But Stanley has yet to tell the town when he's leaving.

Rees said the town has not started a search for a new police chief.

"There's no need for a recruitment process because he hasn't indicated whether he's going to resign or retire," he said.

This has gone on too long already. Stanley has clearly indicated his desire to finish his career elsewhere.

If he won't leave on his own, it's time to show him the door.

Last edited by billw (2011-02-10 20:23:47)



#20 2011-02-10 19:50:59

Well...isn't it nice to be so loved by your own neighbors and Town's people?

According to all accounts in Wareham, he walks on water.

A mooch is a mooch is a mooch.

It's tough to break up a group of mooches that spend all day trying to figure ways to mooch more... especially if one of the mooches is the boss of the other mooches.



#21 2011-02-11 16:59:33

How about this...how about a Selectman, next Tuesday night, during the Selectman's time alloted to him/her, state the following:  "Madam Chairman, I would like the Town Administrator to tell us what kind of Civil Service Exam for Chief of Police he called for as he reported a few weeks ago."

"I called for a Civil Service exam for Chief for officers of the Town of Wareham only.".... If that is the answer, the response should be: "Why would you do that, Mr. Andrews? Do you know that by doing that you can not call for the exam because Wareham doesn't  have four Lieutenants?"

If the answer is, "No, I didn't realize that." The response should be, "You must be totally incompetent."

If the answer is "Yes, I did know that."  The response should be: "Then why did you call for such an exam? Why didn't you call for a State-wide exam which would have allowed Sergeants and above on the Wareham Police Department the chance to take the test, and by the way, the process would be faster? We could have a Chief, full time, of our choosing around November."

"Uh...I don't know."

Come on.

If the game concludes with the BOS actually appointing Stanley as full time Chief, making more money than the TA, then you should advise the Selectmen that you will be asking the voters at the next Town Meeting, when the Police Department's budget is presented, not to fund the Chief's position until a State wide exam is called for and a full time Chief is appointed. In the meantime, the Chief's salary is ZERO.

It won't affect the PD at all. The senior ranking officers will take care of things nicely, just as they are now with a one day a week "Chief", and if it makes everyone feel good, they can appoint a temporary Chief from the ranks at no extra pay.

I am sure there are lots of guys that would do that knowing they had a chance to finally take the Chief's exam for THEIR TOWN.



#22 2011-02-11 17:55:28

A couple of points from the Eagle-Tribune editorial deserve comment.

"The job of a police chief does not run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., five days a week. A city or town relies on its police chief to be available 24 hours a day, ready to respond to any crisis."

They are talking about North Andover! Does that principle apply any less in Wareham? In case you may have missed it, there appears to be a crime wave in the Town of Wareham. Some may call it a "crisis". Isn't it time that there was a full-time Chief IN wareham to address the current crime spree? Make that: beyond time.

"Stanley says he's also working in Wareham nights and weekends. He commutes between the two towns in a vehicle provided by Wareham."

Well. Lotsa stuff in that litle sentence.

1. They mention that the distance between the two Towns is 80 miles. Seems a bit light to me, but let's go with it. The first question should be: Is Stanley on the clock for the two hours (that's right, try it) each way? If yes, then aren't you all just wonderful sports to pay someone mega-bucks to COMMUTE. You all get that perk at work, right?

2. the car, "a vehicle provided by Wareham." Well, isn't that just ducky. Not only do you pay someone for his drive-time, you pay for the vehicle, gas, maintenance, etc. those Wareham taxpayers, a real sporting crowd. Just ask Stanley.

3. With what you are paying the part-time portion of the Chief/Chief, you could have had a FULL-TIME Chief over the past 17 months, and probably many more going forward. Why is there so little outrage over this clearly defined outrage. Why is there so little demand for a quick & final resolution of the situation?

4. This fiasco has been brought to you courtesy of your Board of Select-bozos. Two of them may be up for re-election. One of them, coming off a life-shattering defeat last April, has the temerity to re-enter the fray. Here's your role in all of this: Send a message. Tell Bren-duh, Jane on-the-wane, and Cronan the Barbarian that you disagree with their sloppy, inefficient and ineffective handling of the hiring of one of the most important employees in the Town. How?






#23 2011-02-11 18:01:24

Go Stewie!!



#24 2011-02-11 20:04:44

danoconnell wrote:

Wareham doesn't owe [Rick Stanley] a damn thing. Wareham DOES owe the men and women of the Wareham Police Department the right to advance in their chosen field of law enforcement. Why should you be a training ground for a person that can serve you for thirty years only to lose them to another Town because you don't want to reward them for their hard work and dedication.

Loyalty wouldn't be an issue with a local cop, would it?

I'll find a place on my wall for that quote, right next to the painfully literate remarks of other notable Wareham cops. I've said this before but it's worth repeating. The intellect and writing skills of this town's police department outshine any other I've encountered. I'm not altogether sure why but maybe they've always had the wage and hiring pick of the litter.



#25 2011-02-18 20:05:54

On March 30, 2010 (one week before the town election..hint, hint)..a BIG announcement was made by Former Selectman (and Chairman) Bruce Sauvageau, TA Mark Andrews and Interim Part-Time Police Chief Richard Stanley that an "agreement in principle" had been reached to secure Stanley's Full Time Services..and there were basically just a few small details to be worked out. It certainly sounded like a "done deal"..yet here we are almost a year later....still waiting..and waiting..and waiting.

BoS 3/30/10

Eagle-Tribune wrote:

By Brian Messenger The Eagle-Tribune, North Andover, Mass.
Publication: The Eagle-Tribune (North Andover, Massachusetts)
Date: Wednesday, March 31 2010

NORTH ANDOVER - Police Chief Richard Stanley has agreed in principle to become the next full-time police chief in Wareham on Cape Cod, where he has worked as part-time interim chief since last summer.

The announcement was made last night at a Wareham Board of Selectmen meeting by Stanley and Wareham Town Administrator and former Lawrence finance director Mark Andrews.

Contacted after the meeting, Stanley said the news represents just the first step in his departure from North Andover, where he has been chief since 1986.

He has split his time between North Andover and Wareham since August 2009.

Stanley, 54, said he has only agreed to begin negotiating a full-time contract with Wareham. Any transfer must be approved by both Andrews and North Andover selectmen, he said.

Stanley also said he has unfinished business as North Andover's police chief.

"I want to show respect and not put the wagon before the horse," said Stanley. "I was clear to them. I need to accomplish a final couple of goals. I'm not leaving anything in the works."

Stanley said he has been considering taking on the full-time Wareham job for several months, after Wareham selectmen approached him with the idea.

But he said he will not leave North Andover until the town's police department receives a state law enforcement accreditation, which it is scheduled to do in May, becoming one of less than 30 departments in Massachusetts to earn the distinction.

Stanley said he also will not leave North Andover until the town's police station is moved from Main Street to Osgood Street. Plans are set to make the move over the summer, he said.

After those two goals are accomplished, Stanley said he feels he will have completed his commitment to the town. Contacted last night, Selectmen Chairwoman Tracy Watson said she was not surprised about Stanley's potential departure later this year. She said the board expected that he might leave North Andover for Wareham in the fall. In November 2009, North Andover Selectmen reinforced their initial approval of Stanley's dual role as chief in both towns, but reserved the right to review the work arrangement every 60 days.

Stanley works four days a week in North Andover and uses a vacation day every Friday to work in Wareham, where he also works during weekends. He makes the 80-mile trip to and from the Cape in a Wareham-issued vehicle, and also resigned from his role as control chief with the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council to free up more time for the Wareham job.

When Stanley announced that he would take on both jobs last year, he made it very clear that he had no intentions of becoming Wareham's full-time police chief.

"Am I interested? Clearly no," Stanley said in August 2009. "I am not a candidate nor do I intend to be a candidate. I have the best job in the world as police chief of North Andover. I intend to retire here."

What changed his mind, Stanley said last night, was his positive reception in Wareham and the progress the police department has made since he became interim chief.

When he arrived, Stanley said the Wareham Police Department had problems with morale, training, equipment and community relations.

"The staff here is extremely dedicated and supportive of the changes we've put in place since my arrival," said Stanley. "We were able to fix all that."

If he leaves North Andover, Stanley said he will be leaving behind a well-trained staff.

"There's a leadership team behind me ready to step forward and take the department into the future," said Stanley. "There's people who are ready to stand up to the challenge."

Watson agreed that the department is well-positioned for the future. She said Stanley's role in both towns has given others in the department a chance to take on added leadership.

"Promoting from within is something we're always looking to do," said Watson. "This has given us the opportunity to look at command staff below Chief Stanley."

Stanley was appointed as a police officer in North Andover in 1977.

In 2008, Stanley made $132,546, with stipends, in North Andover. He said he has already reached the maximum threshold for retirement benefits under state guidelines.

"I have no interest in retiring now," he said."

North Andover Police Chief Stanley agrees to Wareham job



#26 2011-02-18 20:27:25

Stanley has more crap than a Christmas goose.

The people of N. Andover can't trust him, and either can Wareham.

No loyalty, except to himself.  Get a new Chief. Call for a State-wide exam, let the cops in Wareham have a shot at it, if they don't qualify or pass the test, so be it.

It's time to hire a young Chief willing to grow with Wareham for the next three decades.

How will the BOS justify paying a Chief more than a TA?

A young Chief will work for a decent salary, consistent with the salary for a Chief in a Town of a population of 20,000 people, and will grow with the job, as well as his/her salary.



#28 2011-02-18 21:15:35

The last one says it all.

No loyalty.



#29 2011-02-19 15:33:11

"This effort was a continuation of Chief Stanley’s Operation Safe Streets that began last weekend. "

I have been criticized for claiming that Stanley has taken credit for the thousands of hours that the WPD cops have put into this operation. NO-ONE is named, except your Chief.

Disloyal, absent, one day a week, I am the greatest that ever lived, Chief.

Sweep the Town clean of CLOWNS!!



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