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I'm fishing here for the perfect Bruce Moment, the one incident that'll persuade even the most credulous and deluded voter this criminal enterprise is destined wear orange prison jumpsuits, and call Plymouth Correctional home. The following video selection might help nudge your memory.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006)
The Big Dirty. Baked on a True Story.
1:34 minutes



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log onto the town assessors website and punch in any name or address and you will have more candidates for this movie.  wonder why some of these people are going bankrupt when their houses were half price or gifted to them



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The beginning of that meeting was a howler, too.

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picture above "what's in that lady's coffee cup" im sure its just a french decaf. even reading from the paper she studdered about five times.
and bruce public speaking 101 try to keep the uhms and aaahs to a minimum not every grunted thought while you think of the next big word to use that you heard on the orielly factor today.

hey you cant sell pizza to hungry tourists with money falling out of their pockets
cant make a car payment but you are a financial planner
and now we know you cant speak in front of an audience, yeah this is the guy i want to litigate my next divorce.  well by the time he passes the bar ill be on the third wife



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Hamatron5000 wrote:

Well, indeed, unethical journalists have run amock throughout the entire industry, but our nasty old Ragman definitely takes the cake.

The number US news gathers has shrunk by 80% since 1980 and that's probably a conservative number.



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