#1 2009-05-22 20:52:30

This community will continue to get its ass beat by a half nitwit group of assholes BOS who concentrate on nothing positive and are not capable of working on a beneficial collaborative endeavor.  Until more voting people understand how these jerks really intend to tear away our freedoms and subvert the thoughts of the elderly, the weak and those easily swayed or bullied, this continues to become more like a Nazi Wareham. Long live the Resistance; it will enlightening us during this dark time and guide us toward thoughtful objectives in our future.

Huggs to BillW for his courage here.



#2 2009-05-22 22:50:00

wag the dog wrote:

Huggs to BillW for his courage here.

I appreciate the kindness but for me, this is pure self interest.

I get to apply everything I ever learned in the one place anywhere that means most to me.

I get to watch news reporting work as it should, as a newspaper never could; people speaking directly to their neighbors.

I get to redeem myself and my trade.

I get to laugh my ass off repeatedly at the hilarious shit you people produce past where it hurts.

As a kid and as a adult, I moved all over creation and attended 12 different schools; Tabor, the longest and the last. News writing was my higher education. If I have to move again, I can do it barefoot and blindfolded.

The selectmen can not hurt me.

Most of you have far more at stake.



#3 2009-05-27 14:22:05

Who likes deep fried? It's not good for your health!

Just wanna have a happy time around the supper table. Just as buttmonkey is in his glory romping in the armpit of capecod, he too gets slapped. Buttmonkey screams with delight; butt I haven't completed all my internal investigations. Just then a large fart knocks buttmonkey off his perch. Woa, was that da bitch, says he? Noa says she, its me and only me!



#4 2009-05-27 15:18:38

I wonder if "butt monkey " realizes that in his wisdom of deleting Susan Pizolatto's job at the Library he also deleted his on the town side.... so if we were to get a Town Administrator that kind of leaves him out like the rest, no?!  Wouldn't that be great to see!!



#5 2009-05-27 16:50:17

Actually he funded his position, just left poor Susan out in the cold.



#6 2009-05-28 15:03:29

Sorry IC,

butt i didnt mean SP at all, i think Brenda Irkstrong fits this. She will make the buttmonkey bow (wow)!



#7 2009-05-29 11:37:20

No need to be sorry, I probably got it confused as is per with things happening in Wareham lately.... or it was just cheerful thinking that this butt head would eventually have no job and see what the employees he hurt feel like!



#8 2009-05-29 14:19:12

Dawgie ear is to the ground. Who is this computer company that the town/BOS made an arrangement with to collect this data? Don't they realize they probably will be sued as well? How deep does this root go? Do they have collusion with other town entities or committees?



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