#1 2010-04-08 15:08:22

Yes, it's me. I saw my name mentioned on another thread so I thought I'd jump in. This is just too great an opportunity to ignore.

I've been rag free for a long time and I'm lovin' it. It's clear to me today that the rag has little or no influence over anyone who can think clearly. When 25% of the electorate comes out to vote, and votes for new people, you can't ignore the fact that even if some of those voters read the lies and distortions courtesy of ragboy, they didn't buy it for a minute. You can give away thousands of rags, but you can't fool the people of Wareham.

Last July 4th I declared Independence Day from the rag and ragboy. I asked that you do the same and I know many of you did. But here we are heading into spring with summer on its way, and I see that many here have not declared their own independence.

Please, just ignore the rag and the ragboy. Wareham is on the right path now. Don't let something as inconsequential as the rag get you upset. If you ignore it, it will have no influence on your well being. You will feel better. Your blood pressure will go back to normal. You will be much happier. I can guarantee it.

So, my friends, this will be my last request of you. Take the high road. Read only the town's legitimate newspapers.

Declare your own Independence Day.



#2 2010-04-08 18:24:10

Molly wrote:

Declare your own Independence Day.

Yay..Molly's Back!!! : )

I'll try Molly..One Day at a Time...




#3 2010-04-08 18:33:45

I'm with you Molly.
Just one last thing...after reading the troll's last statements about how popular his alleged paper and web site are, I just thought I'd mention, as a moderator of the site(?)., we had, according to what I heard, and I only heard it, 247,872 people visited or posted on this site in the last 72 minutes. Unbelievable!!
No wonder you won the election.
We could change the direction of a Town!!



#4 2010-04-08 19:33:06

I also found it funny (well not funny actually) that he felt the need to "score" the election.  In order to make "his" score higher, he added the 2 questions to it.  Since this made the "score" "close", he saw it as TBW not winning it by much.  What the hell?  What a loser....  I can also add that his numbers were up because most people I know were asking the same question:  "What kind of bs is Slager spewing on his site about this one?"  It isn't actual interest Robert, it is for entertainment purposes only.

I am with you guys, ban him from your life and things will go on just fine.



#5 2010-04-08 19:57:21


Last edited by Hamatron5000 (2010-04-08 20:03:47)



#6 2010-04-09 14:21:02

Molly Ö Good to see you back. I agree with Molly and Larry we have to stop acknowledging Bobo and stop visiting his site. I bet the number of people visiting his site would be cut in half if we all stopped going to his site. I know I have tried to stop many times and it is difficult. Itís like when I tried to quit smoking, it took me seven times to quit.

Larry is right Bobo is IRRELIVANT. Now that Brucey and all the others have been voted out, he canít use their quotes in his articles so he has to focus on what is being said on this site. If we donít acknowledge him and what he says it will drive him completely over the edge. The election is over and he continues to rant I think the few people that still read the rag will now see what a compulsive, nut case he really is.

Molly I will try to ignore Bobo and if someone mentions what he has written I will shut off my computer so I wonít be tempted to go over to his site. One day at a time, one day at a time.



#7 2010-04-09 14:38:21

Molly, I promise this is the very last time I will visit the tacky tabloid site. But this is posted at the top of the tabloid's mega-scroll. What a note on which to go cold turkey!!!!!

Way to go Mr. Decas!!

   When you are in a hole stop digging. You and Bruce lost this one. End of story. Do you have any idea how pathetic you sound whining about your big time ass kicking.
    Just go back to writing about your favorite subject. YOU. Tell us what a great father you are. How much your kids and wife love you. How you light candles against racism and beat up obnoxious homophobes. Tell us how courageous you are taking on the power elite. Tell us how you were chosen Man of The Year by a single drunk sitting in a bar.
    The fact is that you went to the well once too often. Your exaggerated and phony accusations are no longer believed. You now wallow in the muck of your lies and fully exposed as the faker and loser that you are. Itís over.
    ... and the horse you rode in on.

Last edited by billw (2010-04-10 12:58:51)



#8 2010-04-09 14:50:37

I must admit I just read what he wrote abut John Decas.
I thought John's letter was nicely written, to the point, quite correct, and said it all.
Apparently the troll doesn't agree.
Afterall, John is one of the "elite". The rich, the puppeteers.
A very dear friend of mine, a woman of "means", all self made, believe me, said recently, "I think the people of Wareham just don't like people with money."
I asked her why.
She said,"Because, look at John Decas...they don't like him because he has money."
I said,"No...people don't like John Decas because he is John Decas."
I know...I never liked John Decas 31 years ago and a few before, and he never liked me. We disagreed on almost EVERYTHING.
He was negative, I was positive, or take your pick, on a battery. Polar opposites.
We fought like cats and dogs.
But...let me tell you the difference between then and now, and the reason that you have to take back your Town.
John and I never agreed, but, we respected each other enough to let each other know how we felt. We could sit down for a cup of coffee and discuss every issue before the Town and argue about everything, disagree about everything, threaten to prove we had more votes than the other, take it to Town Meeting and fight like cats and dogs.
But...we knew where the other one stood.
We argued on Town Meeting Floor many a time. The people listened, and the people voted. Sometimes I lost, sometimes he did.
It didn't make any difference. Nothing was personal. You win, great. I win, great. See you the next time around.
A vision and a love for the Town of Wareham. Not the same vision...but the same love.
It is ironic that I now find out, many decades later, that John Decas and I agree.
We agree that Wareham needs change of leadership. We agree that Wareham needs  vision. We agree that bad things have happened that can now be resolved by new members of the Board of Selectmen. We agree the School Committee is much more respectable than the outgoing BOS.
We agree on so much it scares the hell out of me.
I wouldn't recognise John these many years later, but I would be happy to say hello to him again.
John Decas is a Wareham icon. Like it or not, he is.
Understand it...get over it..appreciate it...and make sure you kick his ass every once and awhile.
But, don't insult him or his accomplishments by having some alleged journalist, editor, publisher, chief cook and bottle washer, non supporter of the community and it's businesses by not paying those who have stepped up to service him, accuse him of not loving and supporting the Town of Wareham.
The troll couldn't be a pimple on John Decas's ass.
Thank you John for all of your service to Wareham.
Let's argue again...it was fun!!!



#9 2010-04-09 22:26:34

By: robertslager on 4/9/10
Here's a little free legal advice for Ms. Bicki. But leaving off the publisher's note when you copied the story to the hate site, you published a defamatory statement, opening yourself up to personal liability. I have it saved on disk (I ask others reading right now to do the same).
If I may quote Mr. Decas, when you're in a hole stop digging.

Nora I guess a rag reporter who owes 5600 dollars in back rent, no office, no credibility is now offering legal advice?



#10 2010-04-09 23:08:26

"I'll Sue Ya!!!"...and the horse you rode in on..



Last edited by P-SPAN (2010-04-09 23:23:19)



#11 2010-04-09 23:23:30

Let him sue you, Nora. It should be worth a few laughs.
I assume he will have to represent himself as the Plaintiff....he will definitely have a fool for a client.
Maybe Brucie will represent him Pro Bono...that's even better.
A word of caution...two fools do not equal one genius.



#12 2010-04-10 08:32:22

He might want to take a look at the MWF political groups web site then thats continuously streaming copyrighted music for the benefit of there site.  If I remember correctly the rag also had a copyrighted facebook label on his website when he was promoting his "personal" facebook page which was quickly removed after being pointed out.  Last but not least, using a photo from another website without giving the photographer any credit, you know how the rest of the story goes. For someone that slips up left and right, its amazing how much extra time he has to keep everyone else accountable.

Last edited by wareham pride (2010-04-10 08:33:39)



#13 2010-04-10 11:45:16

I don't think it is necessary to make a comment on Journalistic Ethics here. It is painfully obvious. I have permission to print the following response from Mr. Decas to the president of Observer Media after Mr. Decas's personal email was put online on the tabloid site as a Letter to the Editor. It seems that Mr. Decas has sent letters to the editor to the tabloid in the past that were not printed. Here is Mr. D's response:

"Today I sent you a personal message as you and  I have often sent to each other in the past. It was not a Letter to the Editor. If it was I would have written the words Letter to the Editor as I always have in the past when that was my intention. It was your decision to print my message  but you have no right to use words that I did not write. Remove the words Letter to the Editor. Also remove the name Decas Cranberries. I did not write that  either. I did not sign it as I would if it were a Letter to the Editor so remove my name from the bottom. You can report that I sent it if you choose but my name does not belong where you have it. Itís one thing to refuse like the coward that you are, to print my actual  Letters to the Editor as you  have in the past, but quite another to take todayís off- the- record message and print it as a Letter to the Editor which it was not.
Act like a man once in your life." 

In response to this email, the Pres. of OM claims that if you send him a personal email it is then a letter to the editor. That's news to me. A letter to the Editor needs to clearly state such in the heading and should be signed by the person writing it. I know I have sent letters to the editor of the REAL newspapers in town and before any one was ever published, I was called personally to make sure I wrote it and that they had permission to print it. But then again, a tabloid isn't a real newspaper in my opinion.

Just another reason to never read the tabloid again folks. In my opinion, printing a personal email as a letter to the editor is unethical.

Edit for typo.

Last edited by Nora Bicki (2010-04-10 11:47:40)



#14 2010-04-10 12:25:26

How does Bobo react to having his ass handed to him?? He starts scratching and pulling hair. Assclown, this is at once despicable..and typical. What did Wareham ever do to deserve such a piece of shit?




#15 2010-04-10 13:58:32

It is disgusting to me to think that ANYONE would treat John Decas that way, or even begin to call him the names that the TFHC does.
Check my post above.
I KNOW John Decas, or should I say, I KNEW John Decas.
John Decas and I did not like each other. John Decas and I thought the exact opposite on most issues. John Decas and I never agreed on anything I can think of. John Decas and I were like oil and water. John Decas was an elected official. I was an elected official. John Decas served on the School Committee, I served on the Board of Selectmen.
Thank heaven that both entities were , and still are for those of you who forget, separate. No one unit had control over the other.
If so...John Decas and I would have probably had a duel!
Cranberries at 20 paces!
I voted for John Decas for School Committee, more than once, because I knew he was the best candidate for the position.
I knew...even though I didn't agree with him...that he knew more than I did about what the schools and the system needed in Wareham.
I would argue with him to educate myself. I would never presume to know more than he did. But, by arguing with him, I picked his brain and learned and took that knowledge to a balanced place. I had enough input from both sides to choose a position. Many times I chose to support John Decas, and more time I chose not to support him and his positions.
Having said all of the above, I have never, ever, in my life dis-respected John Decas.
Never, ever in my life did I think that John Decas did not believe that his vision of the future of Wareham was for the best interests of the citizens of Wareham and for generations to come.
John Decas has worked all of his life. WORKED, for those who criticize him and don't really know what the word means.
John Decas worked 7 days a week at his office and on Town business. I know, because I always admired him spending every day somewhere to run his business or to represent himself as a member of the School Committee.
He hired thousands of people from Wareham for 40 plus years to work for his companies. He has donated more money to local charities than any other living human being from Wareham that I could think of.
He has attended every Town Meeting(Unless he was on his death bed), voted in every election in the Town of Wareham since he was old enough to do both.
He comes from a family that all worked hard. There were no silver spoons passed around in the Decas households.
I used to watch Pauly and John drive into their little fruit and vegetable store downtown every single morning at 3:45 A.M., rain or shine, cold or hot,it was their responsibility to open their store and serve the people of Wareham.
Charlie Decas not only worked with the family business, but also ran a store downtown Wareham, where he was every single day. Another man who worked 7 days a week. WORKED for those of you who don't know.
Charlie served Wareham as a very fine Selectman, I had the privilege to serve with him, and went on to serve as State Rep., and I don't know what else after I left. But, I'll bet plenty.
My point is this:
Why do any of you on Slager's cesspool site have the audacity to say the things that you have about John Decas? What do you know about John Decas?
What have you ever done compared to John Decas.
I said above, like it or not, John Decas is a Wareham icon.
He doesn't deserve the dis-respect he is getting from a group of nobodies.
Shake it off, John.
Like you or not, everything I said is true.



#16 2010-04-10 19:22:38

Mr. Decas or Dan, what the hell would yoiu expect from such a sub-human as Slagger................a pathetic low life, grasping on the the edge of oblivion.  This pathetic (did I use that word twice ???) person, who is doing all in his printed word power to disgrace himself it the eyes of the people of Wareham and still stay subserviant to his masters ( Brucie and Donnahue) has taken the stance to degrade the noble faimily of the Decas Clan.  What apathetic piece of crap he has become.

With any luck, this sub human piece of garbage will fade away in Bankruptcy soon....................Wareham Oberver (RAG)..................fade away.

The Decas family has served and benifited this community for many years and made this community stronger.  How dare you, Slager, under the guise of journilisim, disparige this great giving family, you pig !!!!!



#17 2010-04-10 20:11:42




#18 2010-04-10 20:56:49

By: robertslager on 4/8/10
I was just sent this e-mail. I thought it was worth sharing.

Hello Mr. Slager. I am a fairly new resident in the Onset area, and I've been quietly sitting back and reading your newspaper both in print, and now online. I appreciate your honesty and integrity in your written articles ...it certainly is a rarity in these parts. I'm writing to simply tell you that I can feel your heart in your writing - and that I can only hope that this new group of (gulp)leaders will leave you, your family (especially your beautiful girls), and the Observer alone. It's frightening how cruel and crude those groups are - and I don't want to see you get hurt. (Are you SURE you want to continue with the paper here in Wareham?) Part of me hopes that you will go for a better job in a better town - and part of me hopes that you will continue to be the voice for us more quiet citizens. Truthfully, I was afraid to vote - as were many of my neighbors on my street. The supporters of Holmes and Smith,etc. were loud and abrasive at the post office (stepping into our faces to FORCE their pamphlets on us),and honestly I was afraid that they could tell who I really wanted to vote for. I don't believe that it was apathy that was the problem with voters - I believe it was fear. That said, I now feel like an absolute coward. I hope you will not have to suffer any more nasty accusations from them...and I also hope that you stay true to yourself. Thank you

By: TesnoBay on 4/8/10
I did not vote for Holmes or Winslow, and I never had that happen to me at the Onset PO...just sayin...

By: robertslager on 4/8/10
Fair enough, Tesno. I personally did not witness this but I have no reason to doubt the e-mail is sincere. There was a name attached (I do not know the individual personally). I did not feel it was appropriate to reveal the name as the e-mail was not intended as a letter to the editor.

Pretty selective on this policy aren't you Bobo? (Oh, and I betcha he wrote this letter himself)..this and other recent comments reveal he is targeting Steve Holmes (and you can bet the other newly elected officials)..and he's "playing the pipe" so the rats follow along. Don't worry tinhats..we ain't goin' anywhere..


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#19 2010-04-10 21:03:28




#20 2010-04-10 21:30:10

Ha ha ha afraid to vote?! Were you afraid they'd stalk you and hunt you down, since they were able to ascertain your name address, and voting affiliation just by bumping into you at the post office.

They could tell u were voting for sweet brucie by the look on you face? What a talent.

Hey dumbass bobo, voting is annonymous! Try another fairy tale with yet ANOTHER unamed source

Last edited by commonsense (2010-04-10 21:34:00)



#21 2010-04-10 21:46:27

ROTLFMFAO, thank goodness my kids teach me these abbreviated letter things!
Dear Bobo, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Sincerely, Proud to Support the Power Elite

I love it, the people who were holding signs at post offices had some psychic powers now? It must have been those gosh darn vote signs. Evil power elite bastards asking people to VOTE. Who do they think they are? Buy a few green signs and suddenly they are controlling the minds of ordinary people, causing post office phobias and scaring people away from the voting booths. Not only can the power elite buy anything they want. Now they can control your mind.

Be afraid my friends. Be very afraid.



#22 2010-04-11 01:30:14

Again...IHL reticent.



#23 2010-04-11 03:15:19

As I waked to the door of Precinct 5, at Decas School, I had thoughts of Fear, Hatred, and Despaire strike me.........................should I vote as Slagger suggested or should I vote as a man !!!!!

I pondered, I thought, I shuddered......................Slagger, you are an Ass Hole !!!!!

Go away you piece of Goat Shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I voted for Steve and Cara...................no brainer



#24 2010-04-11 03:18:07

Another reticent poster....One of our favorites...Quahog.



#25 2010-04-11 07:25:40




#26 2010-04-12 18:23:00

I find it interesting that Mr. Slager has his shorts in a knot over what John Decas said about a "drunk" in his email. As the publisher and editor of the newspaper, Mr. Slager must know that he has a legal risk in publishing anything that might be construed as libel. Letters do not appear in his publication on their own; he made the decision to include this one. He is not simply a carrier like a phone company or internet service provider. He bears a professional responsibility to know the law and abide by it, especially in the case of non-journalist contributors who may be unaware of the pitfalls. In fact, unless I am mistaken, Mr. Slager and the Observer are much more legally exposed than a letter writer, because they are expected to understand the libel laws and guard against violating them when an ordinary citizen might not. This is what a professional editor and publisher would do in the interest of protecting the contributors as well as himself. If I were Mr. Slager, I would be very worried right about now and I would be contacting an attorney to somehow prepare a defense. Whether or not Mr. Decas indicated he wanted his letter printed, Mr. Slager shares at least equally in whatever liability has occurred here.  If he considered the letter libelous, he should have refused to run it or should have asked Mr. Decas to revise it to eliminate the problem. Instead, he joined in the alleged libel by exercising his professional judgment and printing the letter he now says was a problem. Mr. Slager should immediately offer a public apology for his professional misconduct, both to Mr. Decas and to the "drunk." No one forced him to run John Decas' email as a letter to the editor, but he did anyway, expecting the reaction to turn on Mr. Decas. Instead, he is now exposed to lawsuits from two parties. Mr. Slager is in very deep water here.

Last edited by Flyspeck (2010-04-12 18:34:23)



#27 2010-04-12 20:52:40

And slager you forget to include yourself in the election loss. It's about 98% your fault



#28 2010-04-12 22:13:05

I feel bad for the new Selectmen. They are walking into a hornets nest.
First, they must decide on a Chairman of the Board.
I heard that some are saying that Ms. Donahue should be Chairman because it is her "turn"
I think, in the order of fairness, they should pick Mr. Cruz. He is the only one that can be considered a "moderate", not really associated with any particular group, past or present, and has never been really considered for a recall vote. He is new.
He has had a free ride.
A moderate Chairman would help heal wounds. First of all, a Chairman has no more or less power than any other Selectman...they are simply in place to control the agenda and to keep the members up to date about the issues about to come before them. Hopefully, if he or she is good, they will tell the Selectmen how the others feel about an issue to avoid an "ambush" from any member.
Second, they have to decide  many issues that have happened because of the previous BOS.
They have a P.T. Chief of Police that has almost been promised a job. They have a new TA that many think is way out of his league. They have a Library Director that is unqualified and not certified. They have a Town Accountant that does not have a degree or is certified.
They have at least three or four issues that will come before Town Meeting in a couple of weeks that will be debated and be very volatile.
I don't envy them at all.
It is only their first week!
I've been there.
I know that I would be asking for an Executive Session very quickly. An Executive Session to explain how all of these decisions have been made, by who, based on what, and what is the bottom line, and what is the Town's liability.
Steve Holmes has a nice head of mostly dark hair...it is about to become gray very quickly!
Good luck Cara and Steve.
My thoughts are with you.
You are now members of a fraternity that has existed for hundreds of years. I know that both of you will represent that fraternity well and true.
Best wishes to you both.
Tuesday night is the beginning of a very hard time ahead. You are both up to it!



#30 2010-04-13 07:21:17

Nice photo Bill. I didn't actually post it, but still, it fits here. I've been told that the tacky tabloid writer (TTW) still has Mr. Decas's private email up as a Letter to the Editor on his mega-scroll online tabloid.

Mr. Decas clearly wrote another email to the TTW saying the one posted online was never intended as a letter to the editor, that he did not write "letter to the editor" at the top of it, NOR did he sign it with his name and his business.  See above where I reprinted the email with Mr. D's permission. 

Yet, when some supposed, alleged, person who fears entering the voting booth in our little berg writes an email NOT intended as a letter to the editor, he doesn't even print her name. Hmmm. Still a hypocrite I see. Thanks P-Span for pointing that out above.

The bottom line is that if the TTW had even an ounce of integrity, he'd take the Decas private email down.  But don't hold your breath on this one.

For those of you unaware, the tin foil hat chat this week shows a bit of dissension amongst the wearers of the foil. Even the loyal little cadre are seeing the TTW for what he is.  Seems like some people think that by almost doubling the number of voters, it is clear that Wareham wanted a change. All they could agree on this week is where to go for pizza!!!

But also interesting is that some of the tin foil beret crowd don't read this site so did not see Mr. Decas's response to the TTW. That clearly slanted the opinions of the followers.  So, I say, if the TTW is going to leave Mr. Decas's private email not intended as a letter to the editor on his mega scroll, he should at least have the decency of posting Mr. Decas's response saying it is not a letter to the editor. Slanted journalism? Biased tabloid writer?

FOLLOW MY LEAD--don't look at the tacky tabloid. Don't read it. Don't use it to line your bird cages or catch your puppy poop.

(By the way, I do believe the reason the TTW won't go to Ella's is because Ella's USED to advertise in the tabloid. I understand quite a few of their customers were upset!!

Last edited by Nora Bicki (2010-04-13 07:36:54)



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