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Good afternoon, all!

Reading the rag is never fun, but they have this new guy over there, goes by the initials BS, and how fitting is that! And best of all, reading the pathetic ramblings of the BS artist is actually good for a few laughs. Take his latest attempt at deep thinking.

1. "There's an expression that goes "never be standing in front of a herd when it's moving"."

That must be something you learned AFTER last April, right Brucie? That thundering herd was not released by Merrill Lynch. And those bulls did not come from Wall Street. No, they were Wareham voters who came from Main Street, and Onset Avenue, and Glen Charlie Road, and Cranberry Highway, and County Road. And all points in between, from every corner of the Town. And they were delivering the message that you heard thundering in your ears. What were those numbers, again?

Look, I know a cosmetic surgeon who could help with those annoying hoof marks all over you. You may contact me thru this website.

2. "Of course, while we are in the cesspool of Wareham politics." (note: that is a direct quote, and yes, it is not a complete sentence.)

And just who contributed as mightily as he could to the "cesspool of Wareham politics"? Let us ask a higher authority.

Oh! Mirror, Mirror
On the Wall
Who filled the Cesspool
BEST of All?

While the Mirror prepares to reply, we could use a little Final Jeopardy music here.
Dum dum dum de dum de dum de dum..

WAIT! Something's happening! The Mirror has CRACKED under the stress of choosing between one BS or another BS.

Well, now it is up to the bloggers to decide. Brucie or BoBo. BoBo or Brucie. A real toughie.

Meanwhile, we can remind the BS twins that the 2-part Title V cesspool clean-up is halfway there. Three stooges removed in April, 2010. And another troika to go in April 2011: Bren - duh, Jane-on-the-Wane, and the Harlot of Halifax.

3. This last one realy ground my gears ( Family Guy).

"They do not have the right to utilize their positions of power....simply to protect their power and widen their power base by treating you like sheep."

Let's restate that a little bit.

HE does not have the right to utilize HIS position of power simply to protect HIS power base BY TREATING YOU LIKE SHEEP !!!!!!

Brucie, do you actually read what you write? Those people you treated "like sheep" made up that thundering herd you misplaced yourself in front of. Those pesky wareham voters, who somehow managed to see right through the BS from the BS twins. with a little help from their friends on a certain blog, of course.

And in the same paragraph: ..."use fear and intimidation as (his) natural currency, and that is a good way to get stampeded by the herd."

Why, Brucie! We agree on something. Who'da thunkit? Your use of fear & intimidation led directly to the results of last April, Brucie stampeded and stomped by that herd of Wareham voters.

Please, Brucie, continue those columns. It is such fun to tear them apart, doncha think?

'til next time

same bat channel

same bat time

the ol' Nota



#2 2010-10-15 17:26:48

Shakespeare would be proud, Stewie!



#3 2010-10-15 18:26:33

Brucie or Bobo, Nota?? Umm, uhh..ahh..uhmmm (I sound like Brenduh, don't I?)..umm..ahh...oooh..uhh..screw it I can't pick...they're both equally lame.

October 25, 2010



#4 2010-10-16 11:00:54

It's hard to tell whether Sweet Brucey or Bobo is worse because they are, more or less, the same person.  They are the BS Twins (BS1 and BS2, both have BS initials and are both full of BS). 

They have the same "blame everyone but ourselves for our own failures" attitude, they both seek revenge on anyone who has ever stood in the way of their douchebaggery, and have unlimited amounts of time on their hands to seek it.  They're a duo and they need and rely on each other.  I'd call them a "dynamic duo" but they're more like a "disastrous duo."

Metaphorically speaking, it's almost as if they are two heads on one giant smelly unemployed hydra.

(I have to say metaphorically speaking because Bobo has a hard time with metaphors, ever since he demanded to know where the liquor store that sells kitty litter liners is).

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I am Hamatron5000.



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