#1 2010-10-27 15:00:20

Good afternoon to the group. or is it a crew? perhaps a gang? or just a rabble?

Again, my apologies for being late to the game. I should have reviewed the CRC articles in minute detail. Today, after a quickie review, certain conclusions leap off the page.

This IS an end run around the vote(s) at the April TM. Approval of these articles would result in SUBSTANTIAL changes in your Town government. The only thing missing would be a "mayor". Remember, Cambridge has a 'mayor'; not elected by the voters, but by the City Council. Is that the next step for Wareham?

Art. 38. Where a BoS of 5 gazinta 7 on the Bos. 6 by precinct. Who determines the size & number of precincts? A quick run thru the Town charter & Bylaws did not reveal an answer. So. If the number of Selectpersons is determined by the # of precincts, what happens if the no. of precincts INCREASES? Also, 'transition' is not defined, nor is it stated who makes that determination.

ART 43. What is the definition of "inhabitant". this article sneaks into the middle of a paragraph the prohibition of town employees from holding office. Is this a discrimination? A restriction of rights? Many Towns have town employees as elected officials. VOTE IT DOWN

Art. 44. the delay to July 1 for newly elected official creates lame ducks. Is that what you want? VOTE IT DOWN

aRT. 45. 30 days seems too short. Don't the state & Feds require much longer time frames. Amend this to 6 months.

Art. 47. a no-brainer. The BoS on the School Committee? this doesn't even rise to the level of a bad idea. VOTE IT DOWN

Art. 52. Allows the BoS to meddle further and set salaries. VOTE IT DOWN

Art. 53, I wondered why the Harlot of Halifax was so hot to undermine the FinCom on non-financial articles; even tho it is specified in the Charter & the bylaws. Here is the first shot. Take away the public hearing from the FinCom and give it to the BoS. Wrong. The finCom serves a critical function, not to be undermined by increasing the power of the BoS. VOTE IT DOWN

Art. 54 & 68. Limit the role & function of the FinCom? NFW. VOTE THEM DOWN

Art. 70. Wow! One should attend TM just for this article. This puts the BoS on every Board & Committee in Town, as a VOTING MEMBER, not merely a liason.

The overall thrust of theses articles is clear. Reduce the role & function of the FinCom and others; while radically increasing the power of the BoS. Many of the articles contain provisions which reduce the role of the town meeting, no doubt as a precursor to eliminating that annoying forum for citizen/voter/taxpayers.

If these pass, then you will be allowed to do one thing. Practice. " I live in the CITY of Wareham. I'm from the CITY of Wareham." etc. etc etc.



#2 2010-10-27 15:51:33

As I sat in town meeting last night where Jane Donahue lectured us that "politics is messy", I chuckled to myself when I thought of that great Howie Carr quote about politics - "Nothing on the level, everything is a deal, no deal too small".  If that quote doesn't describe the impetus behind these CRC article, I don't know what does.  Jane has it right, these CRC articles are messy, backstabbing, backroom deal politics thru and thru.  She ought to know.

It's sad when one has to sit in town meeting and not think about what the article says per se, one has to think about the "motivations" behind the article, as truly, nothing is on the level.



#3 2010-10-27 16:08:27

Ham of Peace here.

Get out to vote.



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