#1 2010-10-30 01:47:21

The first time I talked to John Decas three years ago, he gave me a NYTimes worthy story in 6 minutes flat. I didn't have to paraphrase or edit. I did have to lay down after. His politics give me the creeps but I admire John and always listen.

He apologized to you. I won't. Neither of us deserved your contempt.

Madam Moderator, reacting in anger, you were not listening to anyone Tuesday night, unless it was Koppleman & Paige attorney Richard Bowen.

Why, in god's name, is that partisan, divisive and venal man still here?


Your performace last week left many convinced you've become as enthralled by the Donahues you replaced as Mr. Holmes and Mrs. Winslow.

If this is indeed YOUR meeting now, it sure doesn't look like it.

Please explain yourself.



#2 2010-10-30 23:56:48

Three people have privately questioned the post above, so I'll address their concerns here. I have unanswered questions of my own.

I sought Claire Smith's Town Meeting picture taking guidance for 6 months and got none.

Tell me again, who caused the commotion?

And who was sanctioned?

Why was the Town Clerk's husband appointed a TM Teller?

Why is Richard Bowen still TM counsel?

Why are we hearing CR articles at all?

Will you still like yourself when you wake the morning after TM and Wareham has a backdoor mayor because you sat there politely and kept your mouths shut?

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