#1 2010-10-30 20:47:37

Town Meeting resumes next week.  The moronic marathon of the CRC continues.

Their worst proposal should be coming up next week.  That would be the attempt to sneak a City Council under the table by calling it a "board of selectmen" and increasing the board to 7, elected by district with an at large member.

I call it the Sweet Brucey amendment, because under such a plan, even someone who took 4th in a 5 way race could win.

If it quacks like a duck, it's a duck, even if you call it a chicken.  If it acts and looks like a city council, then it's a city council, even if they call it "board of selectmen."

Remember the CRC looked the selectmen in the eye and told them they understood the town didn't want city government.

At least they dropped they mayor, but they're trying to sneak a city council through the back door.

And if they sneak a city council through the back door, can a mayor be far behind?

Turn out to town meeting and save Wareham from these clowns.



#2 2010-10-30 21:50:58

Don't forget, under the plan, you can only vote for three out of seven Selectmen, if there are two members at large.

One member at large, you would only be able to vote for two of the seven.

Nice, huh?



#3 2010-10-31 12:00:52

With a little bit of common sense anyone can see this is exactly what they are trying to do.  We (the town) stated we did NOT want a mayoral system!  If this should happen then this town is done with!

Please come out to TM!



#4 2010-10-31 12:24:34

Don't forget that Westfield should be coming  up again for the 1,000th time next week.

Remember, the same people who dropped thousands of taxpayer dollars for a consultant to study and put together all of the information for the project now say the consultant on that project can no longer be trusted.  If the project consultant can't be trusted, then I don't know how we  could possibly be expected to trust the project.

Get to town meeting to vote  it down.

The big article to be sure to vote down though will be the plan to sneak a city council through the back door.  Are these people deaf?  We said we didn't want a city council, so creating a city council and calling it a "board of selectmen" doesn't change anything. 

People, be energized.  These nutcases spent thousands and thousands of taxpayer  dollars on an audit - an audit they loudly and enthusiastically proclaimed would reveal all kinds of "vile power elite conspiracies." 

In the end, it revealed NOTHING! 

These people are losers.  They lost.  They don't know how to lose gracefully, but they are losers just the same.  Get out to town meeting and give them a few more losses.  Don't worry.  They're losers.  They'll eventually get used to losing.

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#5 2010-10-31 13:00:16

Don't forget that the Westfield consultant admitted to committing criminal fraud, and included the former Chairman as a cohort in his admission.

Where is that story?



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