#2 2011-04-07 01:11:52

What a disgusting display.  She has been this from day one.  Glad she is gone.

We have a right to know if the PT chief is staying or not, Mr. Andrews.  Why so secretive?

Stanley has not done a good job.  He came her as some self-described "super chief".  He leased cars, with Andrews approval.  The charter says we are to vote on it at town meeting, which they didn't.   He has taken money from a specific grant and used it for something else.  He is a sneak, a conniver and a drunk!



#3 2011-04-07 01:14:49

Other than that, how do you like him :)



#4 2011-04-07 01:41:41

Where did Ms. Eckstrom get her information about the Chief and Andrews coming to an agreement?

Obviously, Steve Holmes didn't know.

Not only did Cara have a right to write a letter to the Editor, she had an OBLIGATION to write the letter because of the underhanded way the Town is being managed by incompetent, unqualified, ignorant mooches that have fed at the public trough so much, they really couldn't do anything else...good riddance to bad rubbish.

Too bad you have two idiots coming to replace two idiots.

I hope the other three Selectmen conduct themselves with the business experience they all possess, and stop being bullshitted by professional bullshit artists and Irish dancers.

If the deal really goes through with Stanley and Andrews, I would hope those among you with the guts and knowledge use your line item veto power on Town Meeting floor and eliminate the Chief's salary.

See if he wants to work for nothing. You will be told it is unlawful to do it, you will be told you will be sued, you will be told that it will be a long legal case...so what...Save the money to give to the cops that haven't had a raise for 4 years, and whomever is put in as acting Chief( probably a Lt.) already has an established salary.

Obviously you don't NEED a full time Chief.

Time to grab a big broom and sweep out the rest of the dirt.

The two new Selectmen elected are insignificant, which will be proven soon.



#5 2011-04-07 09:38:57

What a miserable excuse for a human being.  We may not have gotten the victory we wanted, but at least we had a smaller victory in that this shrill voiced harpy will never sit in a selectman's chair again.  She and Brenda were obviously so awful that even the Hypocrite Elite power brokers realized they needed to be cast aside for someone else if they stood a chance at holding the control over the government that they crave.  Remember as Cronie quotes Janey, it's all about control with them.

That was truly a disgusting display.  "I HAVE THE FLOOR!"  Pathetic.  Suckerpunch someone below the belt, then scream like a banshee if the person tries to defend herself.  That's the real Move Wareham Forward philosophy right there.

It's funny, the tin hats were quiet for the past few weeks, apparently afraid they would say something stupid and hurt their buddies' election chances.  They preached civility for the election, then on election night, as soon as the results came in, they started demanding the recall of Steve Holmes, someone they pretended to play nicey nice with over the past year.  It's obvious they never forgave him for unseating Sweet Brucey. 

They preached civility all election long, then on election night, they started hashing out their plans for payback.

I hate to say it, but I'm starting to think the best advice I can give to anyone in this town who has ever expressed the slightest amount  of criticism for the Hypocrite Elite is to move out of town.  These people crave vengeance like a thirsty man in the desert craves water...and nothing will stop them from getting it.



#6 2011-04-07 12:14:39

I have a better idea, Guy...make THEM get out of Town!!



#7 2011-04-07 16:14:48

Heres some interesting information. It has been rumored that the chief will receive a 2k housing bonus. It also has been rumored that the house he will rent will be that of the Donahues. They have 2 houses as most of you know. So heres a thought Jane Donahue is a key member in getting the chiefs contract and then benefits from it financially by having him rent out her house to him. Can someone say ethics violation!



#8 2011-04-07 17:09:39

i say she  is dishonest ,she wants to rent out her old house , jayne let  him stay  there for free, jayne  your old house is not worth 2k, stop thinking of yourself always and think of wareham , let him live there for free.

Last edited by greenhornet (2011-04-07 17:13:01)



#9 2011-04-07 18:27:09

By: robertslager on 4/6/11
Cruz is on the fence.

This one is bothering me. I think Mr. Cruz ought to have a chat with some of the young Cape Verdean and black under 25s in this community about a few rogue cops on this WPD. Bet if he spoke with 25 of them, 24 of them would most likely tell him they have been stopped merely for DWB (driving while black.)

No doubt in MY mind, Chief Stanley is acutely aware of who these rogues are and he will certainly deal with them when the time is right. It's really sad that Mr. Cruz isn't getting that he is being played a pawn???? IMO.
By: onlooker on 4/6/11
Amnesty International looking into the WPD for "excessive tasering?" Guessing their investigation couldn't get that far, because BEFORE CHIEF STANLEY, those rogues never reported the firing of their tasers, even though it is a Mass State Law. No records, just a couple rogue cops playing bad. Terrifying.


Last edited by PeterGriffin (2011-04-07 18:27:52)



#10 2011-04-07 21:33:23

danoconnell wrote:

Other than that, how do you like him :)

Well, Dan ~ I guess you could say that I don't.  lol



#11 2011-04-07 21:48:43

Guy and Dan, I am upset about the election and even more about the back door meetings where two selectmen know about the goings on with "Mario" (Stanley) and the others don't!  This TA and Stanley should be the first to go.  I don't know how we can do this.

Deliberately holding up appointing Stanley until after the election has definately left a rotten smell in town.

I, for one, will not be moving out of Wareham.  I was born and raised here.  It's MY town.



#12 2011-04-08 05:33:22

There was a town in a quiet but beautiful spot. A group of businessmen wanted it. It took them awhile but they moved a few people into town, won over some others. Took over the town government, killed all the town businesses, bought them, then bought land and built, pushed the people who lived there all their lives out. I talked to some of these people. They were shell shocked and angry. They had no idea how it happened.
Wareham is a developers dream, especially Onset. Remember follow the money.

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#13 2011-04-08 08:21:52

By: 4dognite on 4/7/11
Mrs Eckstrom endured six years of public harrassment from a few horrific bullies in Town and endured one year of ramped up harrassment that would have caused someone of less fortitude and conviction to just walk away. I applaud her restraint and I applaud her taking the opportunity to voice what many thought but were afraid to say. Good for you, Brenda.

Gee whiz, 4dog, what happened to your promises of civility?  You think Brenda actually showed "restraint" when she screamed like a banshee?  Sounds like you won't be much better than Brenda.

Last edited by GuyIncognito (2011-04-08 08:23:19)



#14 2011-04-08 08:34:16

The people of Wareham endured six years of public harrassment from a horrific bully of a Selectman: idiots?..assholes?..good to see her go..



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