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Here is video of Article 84 (Westfield).. From the November 9, 2010 Town Meeting..when it passed. I wanted to hear what (exactly) was said that night. I thought you might too..maybe not?

...and these are some useful links regarding Westfield.

2010 Fall Town Meeting: Motions

(To jump ahead in the powerpoint presentation for the Motions.. "right-click" on the screen once the presentation starts.. and go to slide #'s 118 & 119 (Art. 84)..to read the motion as it was voted on.)

2010 Fall Town Meeting Warrant

Westfield Study Committee

Westfield RFP

From the Motion that passed on Art. 84, Westfield.

"...and further that such leasehold interest shall be subject to initially rehabilitating the recreational facilities and maintaining the recreational facilities during the term of the lease, and further, that if the Board of Selectmen is to lease for a maximum of 99 years said property, that lease be subject to the prior placement of a restriction on said property, including but not limited to that found at M.G.L. c. 184, ss. 31-33, ensuring that all dwelling units constructed thereon be restricted for senior affordable housing purposes in perpetuity."

WW: Westfield workshop with developers cancelled due to lack of interest, new workshop scheduled

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the developers have said that westfield is not a viable or profitable venture, the selectmen should drop the idea,  we need to follow the dictates of town meeting .



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look who was the voice of westfield ,who spoke for the commitee at all the seletmens meetings ,why none other than that crook and liar bruce savenue , i was never for west filed drop the idea, and schinder does not even live in wareham ,why does he not develop senior houseing in holden maine insted.   wareham has maney other problems like where is the missing 700k , and how will we balence warehams budget this coming year ,without  th money from warehams health care fund.



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why would a devloper come and build in wareham when we have selectmen like schinder and begly , they are dumb as a bag of rocks, we need more selectmen like cara , walter and steve., and we dont need bruce back.



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1/14/12 Westfield Workshop



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