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oh my god coincidence no f- in way
i googled it too and that is so obvious .  im not even upset at the hypocracy of it all but i am upset that hamatron is a better investigativive reporter than slager



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Even Further Digging Shows That That Is A Native American Term For Twin Lakes Which Is A Well Known Neighborhood In Halifax.  There Is Even A Twin Lakes Apartment Complex Or Some Such Thing.    Ham Hold Your Hat I Will Give You One Guess As To Who Lives There .



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Twin Lakes Drive in halifax is on East Monponsett Pond.
I know someone who lives on Twin Lakes Drive in Halifax, but I just can't remember who... maybe I read about it in the rag.
In looking at the back posts from that blog, Ms. Mono states that she votes in Bourne and there are many posts about events in Wareham and Onset. The blog is also a "mostly sports" blog, I know there was someone else in the rag business that was a sports person from Wareham, but again I just can't place it...
The blog has also been around since December of 2005 and there's lots of pictures of cheerleaders, not that either of thosse mean anything but if you're going to paw through that many posts you might as well have something.



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