#1 2020-06-12 01:25:11

Too soon, my friend 😢 You did a good thing here 👍 Enjoy all the fish ☮️



#2 2020-07-07 23:25:50

Thanks very much for posting, Dave.  This was indeed a sad and untimely piece of news.  I have never been to Wareham, but it was clearly a place Bill loved and fought for tirelessly.  I always thought I would drop by and visit him sometime when I was in that part of the country, but sadly it never worked out.  Maybe once the COVID-19 situation relaxes, I'll come up and finally see it in person.

There is a memorial topic over on sister forum High Street with a few photos and people's comments that you may enjoy visiting.

In the past I had helped Bill manage the site, and am working on the path forward.  Since this forum has been largely inactive for the past few years, I will likely put it into read-only mode but I do want to keep it up and readable.  Because I do not have access to the "warehamwater.com" domain name, the URL will have to change once it expires - I will give as much notice as I can of this.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this forum and helped Bill hold the feet of the powerful to the fire.  I know he appreciated it.



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