#1 2011-09-17 10:48:17

Direct Quote from a SoCo Magazine interview with Robert Slager of Halifax, MA about the Wareham Observer, August 2008:

SoCo Magazine wrote:

But those were difficult years, which necessitated a change.  "To be candid, I drank a lot."

Can someone please explain to me why anyone would give an ounce of credibility to a clown who admits "To be candid, I drank a lot."

What's that old saying?  "Like father, like son."



#2 2011-09-17 15:32:39

Different screenames on the Bobo site seem to serve different purposes.  Dark Knight sets up Bobo to say things he wants to pretend like he doesn't want to say.  "Trubeliever" lets Bobo respond to stuff on this site indirectly so he can still claim he doesn't read this site.

By: Trubeliever on 9/17/11
I read elsewhere that you have admitted to having a drinking problem. Is that true?
By: robertslager on 9/17/11
Is that a joke, trubeliever? I have diabetes. The last time I had a sip of alcohol was on my 40th birthday in February of 2005 (I had a margarita at a Mexican restaurant). That was shortly before I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. The last time I caught a buzz was about 10 years ago when I had some of my buddies over to watch the Mike Tyson-Lennox Lewis fight and we were knocking back some beers. I did drink a little too much in my 20s, especially after the deaths of two people with whom I was very close. I believe I have written about that in the past.

Where do you come up with this nonsense? Oh wait, I can take a pretty good guess. I have given you a lot of rope because you are new to this site. But I am not going to respond to every ridiculous thing you read "elsewhere." If you want to ask me questions about town issues, great. But if you just want to troll this site, don't waste my time. There are people on this site who really care about Wareham and want to discuss ways of solving the town's problems. You are just embarrassing yourself now.

Oh sure, the ole "Diabetes Defense."  Sorry Bobo.  "To be candid, I drank a lot."  Your exact words.

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#3 2011-09-17 16:15:12

GuyIncognito wrote:

Direct Quote from a SoCo Magazine interview with Robert Slager of Halifax, MA about the Wareham Observer, August 2008:

Not Safe For Lunch, but linked below anyway. Skip ahead to page 45.


WO: 2009-06-17 - "Bobby's News"



#4 2011-09-17 18:27:58

I'd never seen that before. In it Slager said he hoped his business would last "100 years"...Missed that by about (what?) 95 years.. :)

Yeah.."Trubeliever" is Bobo..conveniently asking the "right" questions.. So Bobo can say what he wants to say..and act like he didn't get it directly from here. Now the tinhats, and Bobo can act like trubeliever is a jerk.. and calling for "his" ouster.. Bobo may even retire "trubeliever"..but there'll be another right behind that. I honestly wish I had the true number of "aliases" this nutjob has used.. I'm sure it's alot.

Bobo, the early years..

Last edited by DDPTRO (2011-09-17 18:52:53)



#5 2011-09-17 18:51:33

DDPTRO wrote:

I'd never seen that before. In it Slager said he hoped his business would last "100 years"...Missed that by about (what?) 95 years.. :)

More than that.

http://WarehamObserver.com launched 5 years ago Tuesday. The original screens are lurking here somewhere. I'll have to flush them out.

Last edited by billw (2011-09-17 18:52:08)



#6 2011-09-17 22:03:04

Dark Knight is the name used so Bobo can act like he really doesn't want to say something nasty, but he has to since it's in response to a question from "Dark Knight."

Trubeliever is apparently the name used so Bobo can answer claims made on this site without admitting to looking at this site, as you can see:

By: Trubeliever on 9/8/11
I know you say you don't read the hate blogs and you don't want people to post that stuff here. I do read the blogs and they ask a good question. Why did you delete the comment? They say it's because you are trying to hide evidence. I would like to hear your answer to that.

By: robertslager on 9/8/11
I erased it because darkknight asked me to. I didn't know anything about it until he called me and told me what he saw on Wareham Week. I've been preocupied trying to fix the web site issues. He asked me to erase the comment so he could repost it under his own username. If I was trying to keep this mistake quiet, why would I be writing about it right now?

I feel more bad for darkknight than anything else. He's really a nice guy. He screwed up. It happens. I know he's taking it hard. He was pretty shaken up about it over the phone.

And no, I do not believe he did this on purpose. Someone asked me that question via e-mail. As I stated earlier on this thread, I have to approve all comments before they are posted on the site. I approved it without noticing the username (I have to approve my own comments as well). Several people were posting back and forth at that time, and I missed it. I'm kicking myself for that because if I had noticed it I would have saved darkknight a lot of grief.



#7 2011-09-17 22:04:48

By: Trubeliever on 9/9/11
I have another question about something on Wareham Water. They are saying that you wouldn't need two passwords to get into your userlist because you are the site administrator. Can you explain that?
By: robertslager on 9/9/11
Trubeliever, I really don't want to field questions from a web site I don't visit anymore. If these people want to ask me something, they call give me a call. But because you are new to posting here, and I do want you to feel welcomed, I'd be happy to answer that question.

It is true that I am the site administrator. I alone have access to restricted files. But our web host - Bondware - also has administrative access to the site. If they didn't they couldn't perform routine maintenance. What they can't do is access restricted files, such as the userlist.

I hope that answers your question. I would be happy to discuss any subject with you, but I'm just not interested in having you or anyone else serve as the "middle man" for bloggers on that web site.



#8 2011-09-17 22:09:47

By: Trubeliever on 9/11/11
Maybe your definition of hate speech isn't the same as everyone else. You say you don't allow hate speech on this web site but you wrote "How can two people so hideous have such a beautiful child?" How is that not hateful?

By: robertslager on 9/11/11
My definition of hate speech is the legal definition of hate speech.

"Hate speech is a communication that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group, especially in circumstances in which the communication is likely to provoke violence. It is an incitement to hatred primarily against a group of persons defined in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and the like. Hate speech can be any form of expression regarded as offensive to racial, ethnic and religious groups and other discrete minorities or to women."

RS: There have been many sexist, homophobic and racial comments on Whitehouse's web site. I'm not certain the outright harassment of people would be considered "hate speech" per se, but that should come to an end as well.

As far as the quote you noted, it sounds like it could have been in Crystal Ball at some point. I have a hazy recollection of writing that, but I wrote hundreds of Crystal Ball columns over the past five years. Do you know the date? Sometimes I refer to people in the national news any given week. It may have referred to Mel Gibson and his equally crazy wife. I just don't remember.

So pathetic when a loser provides a loser answer when he's called on his BS.



#9 2011-09-18 08:09:46

Slager Is A Booze Hound  Along With Brenda And Andrews,vodka Anyone,slagers Daddey When Slager Was Born Looked At The Little Porker And Screamed  What A Fat Little Porker And Ran Out Of The Room To The Nearby Bar Roomand Stayed There All Nite Dringing  Vodka,such A Fat Bastard He Could Be Heard Screaming All Nite.



#10 2011-09-18 08:25:38

You have to find it kind of funny if it wasn't so sad...

Listen, this guy is as plainly as I can say, a joke.  He embellishes his stories, writes headlines that are sensational (on a blog), lies, and does NOT go straight to the person to get information.  He hides behind his "sources".

  Ya, ok, and when my kids were little they had imaginary friends. 

Let's just point out a few little facts:  He doesn't have any standing in Wareham, yet he wanted to "sit down at lunch" with Cara Winslow.  For what?  No, really, why????  To try to remain relevant in Wareham?  So he can blog about it?  Hell, Celebrities children have blogs that are more informative than his!  I think I'd rather watch Celebrity Rehab!

He claims he goes straight to the source.  I can tell you personally he has NEVER called me regarding any "story" he wrote about me.  He claimed a lot of things, but never once tried to call/email me to get any sort of information from me. 

This would be the kicker...  I really do try and stay away from his blog, but wanted to see what was said about the Braveheart awards.  Dick Wheeler is what a patriot is!  How can any sane person ever talk BS about him?  How can anyone say  he does not deserve that award?  Oh yea, a guy who doesn't have a job, who has never done anything in the magnitude that Dick Wheeler did for his community.

Ya, I'm gonna take your lead Bill, Fuck him!!!!



#11 2011-09-18 09:44:26

God, Bobo is reeling over Dick Wheeler getting a Braveheart Award isn't he?  It really drives Bobo crazy whenever someone he dislikes gets some recognition.

For those who haven't heard, Bobo hates Dick because years ago, Dick recited the Greek Myth about Icarus to Bobo.  Bobo, such a coward that he is apparently frightened by Greek myths, attempted to take charges against Dick for telling him the myth, but the magistrate laughed himself off his chair and threw the case out of court, leaving Bobo looking like an idiot.



#12 2011-09-18 09:56:13

Guy, great point, I meant to mention that but my childrens imaginery friends were running around making too much noise for me to concentrate!

Bobo has recently mentioned on his blog about that Icarus bastard.  What I love is that he writes of how he was "threatened" and it was forwarded to the police and even the IG!  Oh gosh Barney we have a problem!  Ah yes, what he doesn't mentioned is how he got his ass handed to him and essentially laughed out of the building when he, the ultimate journalist, didn't know Greek Mythology.  Quite a funny story actually!

Yes, I too would probably harbor deep hatred for a man who, a generation ahead of me, could kick my ass physically, mentally and socially!



#13 2011-09-18 10:08:18

I think the whole point of the Icarus Myth is that Icarus' father made wings out of wax for Icarus, giving Icarus the power to fly, but his father warned him not to fly too close to the sun or else his wings would melt.  Icarus, drunk off the power to fly, decided he could do anything, so he flew too close to the sun and his wings melted. 

The whole lesson of the story?  A little power, used wisely, can be a good thing, but abuse the power and you lose the power.

The kids who hear this story in elementary school got it but Bobo the idiot somehow took it as a threat.  I don't know how you could construe it as  a threat.  I guess he thought Dick was going to force him to wear wax wings or something.  What an idiot.

Funny thing is, Dick wasn't wrong about Bobo abusing and losing his power.  Bobo went too far with his lies and as a result, his paper tanked and went out of business.  Now Bobo just sits around his house all day pretending to be Batman.



#14 2011-09-18 10:11:33

Well said, Nikki!

BoBo couldn't be a pimple on Dick Wheeler's ass.

All one has to do is take a piece of paper... write Dick's name on one side and BoBo's on the other: then, list their accomplishments under each name.

Dick would need several pages.


A half page should suffice.



#15 2011-09-18 11:28:32

danoconnell wrote:

A half page should suffice.

Too generous, Dan.  I think the paper holding Bobo's list of accomplishments would be blank.



#16 2011-09-18 14:21:13

We all have "Bobo Acomplishment Paper" in our homes, it is to the left or right of the toilet.



#17 2011-09-18 19:39:58

I now believe that truebeliever is Slager...what conversations they all have sitting on the crapper.



#18 2011-09-18 19:51:03

It would be like me, Bill and Dave coming up with some half assed names and posting on this site kicking the crap out of everyone on it, including ourselves, just to create a conversation.

If these people were for real, at least truebeliver, even BoBo would ban them.

Serious problems, there, man...serious.

PLUS...they are all wanting to pick on Dick Wheeler.

Who would you be proud to call your friend: Dick Wheeler or Bruce Savigeau? Dick Wheeler or Schneider? Dick Wheeler or Mark Andrews?

Fill in the names, it isn't hard.

Dick Wheeler is an American hero.

I love Dick Wheeler.

I am proud to call Dick Wheeler my friend.

Of course, I don't have 2500 friends on Facebook like a certain numbnuts.



#19 2011-09-18 21:05:45

To suggest Dick Wheeler "bought" his Braveheart award is like suggesting Slager has a job....bullshit.

If you have to "remind" everyone every day, every week that you are a good hearted, truth seeking, justice for all, open minded person, well then it seems like you have to convince not just other people, but yourself.

No one is perfect.  We can not be correct 100% all the time.  It's just not possible.  But I will say this.  People say to "come together", forget the past, move on.  I have learned many things by not forgetting.  Moving on is one thing, but forgiving them doesn't always come.  Doesn't make me have a black heart or full of misery.  It protects me from making those same mistakes again. 

You won't hear clergy speaking of themselves as Slager and his tin hat followers do!  They (tin hats) are there own cult, who, I believe, truly think that they are on some path of rightousness, who if they keep saying they are so good that everyone (to include themselves) will believe one day.

Bottom line:  If, as suggested above, they ALL wrote what they have done to benefit this community, state, mankind, they couldn't add up to Dick Wheeler.  Dick deserved the award and to suggest otherwise just shows that they truly are "dark hearted" and weak minded.



#20 2011-09-18 21:14:56

I love how Bobo is going nuts denying the drinking thing, talking about how his diabetes prevents him from drinking, how he shouldn't have to respond to the horrible hatebloggers,  etc.

Hey, he said it himself in an interview - "To be candid, I drank a lot."   I just wonder why someone who "drank a lot" has the right criticize anyone.



#21 2011-09-18 21:22:02

Uh oh sweet brucey and bobo are fighting....



#22 2011-09-18 21:22:33

The SoCo Interview is a bit old, but for those new to scene, it's a laugh riot.

I love how he's quoted saying that his company will last 100 years.  It didn't last 5.

That's also the infamous leather jacket picture.  This idiot was so concerned with his image that he put on a leather jacket so that he'd look cool - who wears a leather jacket in the middle of a hot summer?  Idiot.

It's also the interview where he said "I'm the ringmaster of this weekly circus."  Yes, he actually said that.  "I'm the ringmaster of this weekly circus."  He views the town we live in as nothing more than a source of entertainment and he facilitates the entertainment.

I still think the most telling quote in there though - "To be candid, I drank a lot."  Explains a lot.



#23 2011-09-19 06:59:19

I love how he reports breaking news from reading it on wareham week.



#24 2011-09-19 07:23:34

fat, balding , alcohlic ,diabetic ,bastard.

Last edited by redrobin (2011-09-19 07:24:39)



#25 2011-09-19 17:45:17

By: robertslager on 9/18/11
FYI: I'm watching the Pats like most of you. Feel free to check in when the game is over if you'd like. I can see the TV from here so I will multi-task.




#26 2011-09-19 18:25:57

The only thing missing is the lap top!



#27 2011-09-19 18:30:20

I have decided that I can't read BoBo's site anymore.

Most of the conversation is inane, totally lacking any intellect, and the cult members are a bit "ta-ta", along with their leader.

WW's site has been taken over too.

Looks like this site is the only place to go to get the truth and have a vision for the future.

If anything comes up, I can always count on someone posting the nonsense.



#28 2011-09-19 21:44:32

Truebeliever, Paul Shooter, you ever notice these fake personas always go with the "I'm a sensitive but tough guy, I like to sound tough by using words like "sack" and "pair," I don't like Bobo but I feel I have to help him because the hatebloggers are bad" schtick?

Same routine that "Paul Shooter" used.  When will Truebeliever  start saying "crap friggin edit?"

Good God, why doesn't Bobo just get himself a job and stop embarrassing himself?



#29 2011-09-20 11:01:02

Here is the proof that BoBo is a wacko.

Do you remember last year, when BoBo wrote about the helicopter crash behind his house?

We all criticized him for making the story about HIM, again, as always, and pretty well made a fool of him, ridiculed him, causing him to send me e-mails( he claimed he didn't send, but, of course, each forwarded on to many of my contacts to prove they were sent), including one that said I was an idiot because the incident happened in HALIFAX, not Wareham, so the story had no meaning to the people of Wareham.

At that point, I tried to make sense of his reasoning. I failed to do so, and thought if he was a client, I would fire HIM!

Let's establish a scenario to show just what an idiot and non-business person he truly is....you cannot run a successful business if you are totally self absorbed and have no concept of bottom line profits.

Here is the scenario:

A man named James Smith owns and operates a struggling newspaper that is distributed to the Town of Wareham. It had been in three Towns, but the economy, the lack of advertising, and the lack of cash flow forced James to cut back to one paper and a reporter named Paul Shooter.

He tried to cut expenses as much as possible, offered the paper free to some sources, relied on the news he could find out of Town Hall, the PD, etc. and offered some "fluff" stories as well.

He was on the verge of bankruptcy.

He sat at his desk on Monday morning, feeling the extreme pressure of debt and the possibility of failure, when his reporter, Paul, brings in a story about a helicopter crash behind his house the day before.

James smiles, sits straight up in his chair, and thinks...this is it...this is the story that will get our paper recognized as a NEWS paper, and capable of producing good journalistic stories.

He reads Paul Shooter's story, and calls him into his office.

"When will you have this story finished?" he asked. "This is going to be great!!"

"The story is finished, boss."

"What do you mean the story is finished? There isn't anything in here except how you felt and how you thought your children were affected. Where are your photographs?"

"I didn't take any photographs. I know there is some video and photos we can get from other sources, if you want. I refused to speak to the news stations and reporters that came to my door to interview me. So, I didn't take any pictures."

James was trying his best to hide the shock he felt, as well as the urge to kick this dumb bastard's ass.

"Who were the responders?" he asked angrily. "What fire and police departments arrived at the scene? Where are the interviews with the witnesses? What kind of plane was it? How badly was the pilot hurt? What is his name? Is he a licensed pilot, and for how long? What is the name of the official that will be coming in from the FAA to investigate? What phone numbers have you for the emergency personnel and police and fire personnel so we can call them to ask more questions? What hospital did he go to? How many children, if any, does he have? Was there a fire involved? What are the extent of the injuries? You did bring a note pad didn't you, and ask everyone questions and you have the information I just asked for?"

"No, I didn't bring a note pad. I got cut up pretty badly going through the brier bushes, though."

"Let me tell you something, you idiot. This business is on it's ass. I don't have any money, you know that. We are on the verge of bankruptcy and losing this paper. You had the opportunity of giving us an exclusive story, with pictures, had the opportunity of spreading the name of our paper State, maybe even Nation ,wide with this story, you had a chance to write something that could be considered for a Pulitzer prize, you could have been interviewed by news media we could never afford to buy ad space from, the name of our paper would be on everyone's lips...but you give me some half assed story about how you and your children felt?"

"Well, it happened in HALIFAX, not Wareham!"

"I don't care if it happened in Middleboro, Carver, Hull, or wherever...YOU were witness to it...YOU should have written a story like a real reporter...YOU could have saved this business ...you are an incompetent, self absorbed, stupid piece of shit and you are FIRED!!! Get out of my office asshole."

"Well, that's not very nice. Oh, well, it's not the first time. "

THAT, my dear friends, is what you are dealing with.

Delusional, self serving, narcissistic, hedonistic, incompetent waste of human space. A cult leader with followers that rival anything I have ever seen.

Ignorance is bliss...these are some very happy people.



#30 2011-09-20 11:54:03

danoconnell wrote:

Here is the proof that BoBo is a wacko.

Do you remember last year, when BoBo wrote about the helicopter crash behind his house?

2010-09-22 10:05: Oh, The Humanity
Posted by P-SPAN



#31 2011-09-20 12:32:30

Thanks, Bill.....I forgot half of what took place.

I rest my case.



#32 2011-09-21 16:18:57

Someone was kind enough to send me the following:

By: robertslager on 9/21/11
Just so you folks know, on Dec. 2, 2010 I sent the following e-mail to Nicole DiPasquale after she sent me a series on unsolicated e-mail messages:

Ms. DiPasquale, I will not be responding to your harassment any longer. I formally ask you to cease your abusive behavior. If your harassment continues I will contact the appropriate law enforcement agency. We both know your shameless attacks on me are baseless and are being done for political reasons. But I will not tolerate your lies and abuse any longer.

Robert Slager

By: darkknight on 9/21/11
Take a deep, cleansing breathe, Mr. Slager. Nobody believes what Mr. Flaherty and Mrs. DiPasquale say about you. They are just trying to irk you. It appears to have worked. Stay focused on what you do best - tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Just ignore them. They aren't worth your time.
By: robertslager on 9/21/11
I understand what you are trying to say, darkknight, but I am tired of rolling over as these people tell lie after lie about me on a web site I am prohibited from responding on. It's simple - whenever they lie about me there I'm going to tell the truth about them here. If they want to take the gloves off I am more than happy to do the same.

BoBo forgot to post: I love you, darkknight...do you have any more toilet paper left?

Nikki: you let this asshole contact ANY law enforcement agency he wants...if you need money for a legal fund I will send the first check.

This asshole, and all of his buddies, talk about suing people all of the time. The only thing they forgot is it costs MONEY to sue people, and they don't have any. It's like threatening to kick the ass of a 6'2" buff guy, when you are a 5'6", skinny piece of shit.

By the way, I asked Bill today to transfer the domain site of this site to my name.

If someone wants to sue me...see you in Court asshole...and you had better have a LOT of money.

I WILL destroy you.

If this takes place, for the benefit of the members of this site, I will NEVER disclose who you are, NEVER cooperate with half asses, and NEVER be intimidated by a bunch of numbnuts.

For the benefit of those who threaten to sue all of the time: Don't let your mouth write a check you ass can't cash.

BRING IT ON, broke asses.



#33 2011-09-21 16:46:03

No holy war please. Casualties already number in the... whatever our population decline since 2007.

The Mark Andrews house of cards will fall soon enough.



#34 2011-09-21 17:05:36

Lazy Unemployed Bum wrote:

By: robertslager on 9/21/11
All viewpoints are welcome here, TTTT. Actually I am sitting on my deck with my laptop enjoying the beautiful day, alternating between writing and posting comments here and listening to the radio. I understand your point. Please try to understand mine. If someone called you a liar in print based on an absolute lie you may feel inclined to defend yourself as well. But I do tire of this. It's time to get my kids and enjoy the rest of the evening with my family.

Wow.  Did any of you employed people have time today to sit on your deck with your laptop and listen to the radio?  No, you all had to work today?

Boy, it must be great to let your wife do all the work.

Last edited by GuyIncognito (2011-09-21 17:20:08)



#35 2011-09-21 17:21:48

"Boy I sure did do a lot of work today, I sat on my deck bitching all day long about a newspaper that succeeded where I failed, and then I listened to the radio.  I work so much I'm going to have to ask wifey for a raise in my allowance!"



#36 2011-09-21 17:43:56

Thanks Dan! 

I am more concerned about my 7 year old proving me wrong (tooth fairy) than I am of Slager.  **IF** he deactivated my account, he did so without my knowledge.  When I wanted to post, I did.  I never had any problem with posting (other than his selective nature at allowing which of my posts would go through).  His threat of going to law enforcement was for the "back and forth" bullshit we were emailing each other. Never about anything I was posting about. He made accusations that were not true.  I responded to him via email, since at the time I wasn't a member of his website.  He considered proving his blogging to be lies to be harrassment.  (Insert your own joke here)
When did I ever refer to myself in 3rd person?  I am pretty comfortable stating that I didn't.  He's a liar.  He's a manipulator.  We all know that. 

I had to take the day off today.  Waiting around for Geek Squad to hook up our new TV.  I was bored, and got "roped" in.  Should have just done the damn laundry and wouldn't have to be reminded that my children have more courage, integrity and morals than he does! 

His obsession with certain members of this community is alarming.  He really seems delusional.  He is a failed journalist.  Get over it. 

I suspect when I talk to Larry, he will laugh at Slager and remind me once again to just ignore him.  But sometimes its like a train wreck, you know you shouldn't look, but you can't help yourself.  He never did respond though, when did I ever refer to myslef in the 3rd person on his website?  Why his obsession with the Pillsbury family?  Why his obsession with Mike Flaherty, Larry and Liz, you Dan and Bill and Dave D and now apparently me?  Very creepy indeed!  I'm sure if we were face to face he wouldn't have the balls to say shit.  Hell, he didn't have the balls to call or email me and confirm anything otherwise.

And just as a side note, does any one else notice when Slager gets "fired up" (ohhh, I'm scared) that Darknight is always right there to "calm" him down?

Well, enough from me, my tv is finally hooked up and it's time to switch it from kids shows and test it out!  Superbowl party at my house!



#37 2011-09-21 17:47:47

Oh, and "take the gloves off"...

I'm still laughing!!!!  I would love to box this guy.  Ofcourse, it wouldn't be fair, I will even tie one hand behind my back :)

We could do a fundraiser, sell tickets, donate all proceeds to a scholarship fund for high school, or to some other worthy local charity!



#38 2011-09-21 20:28:11

I love you, Nikki.

Thank you for your service.

Can't say that to BoBo can you?

Flat feet? Diabetes? Too much estrogen?

Who knows?



#39 2011-09-22 16:15:22

I figured this thread's as good as any to add this..

One of Bobo's froot loops has "chimed in" with comments about me after I said a few "naughty" things about Bobo. "Cheewowa" is a die hard tinhatter. Who recently posted this on the ERag..

By: cheewowa on 9/12/11
Dang, Robert. How I wish your newspaper was still in print. I wish everyone in Wareham could read your thoughts and messages. Online chat has it's merits, but people who don't use/own computers on a daily basis are missing out on so much. They watch the BOS meetings on TV, but they don't get to hear any positive influence. They don't get to read/know that someone like you is leading us in the crusade.

Bobo leading the crusade.. To use the Assclown's worn phrase "Oh my head".

Here are comments I made today on WW..and then what "cheewowa" had to say about them..and about me.

Posted by: P-SPAN | Sep 22, 2011 14:16

Mike..Foggy.. I do honestly hope you've finally seen enough to know for yourself what many of us have been saying for awhile now. I, too had to see it for myself a couple of years ago, since many of the "alleged" lies were about other people.. But now..once I became a "vocal critic" of Slager, I literally have lost count of the number of lies he's said about me. One that comes to mind was a "P-SPAN Exposed" headline (or whatever) he had on his website.. Accusing me of doctoring a video to serve my "political agenda" (you may remember).. It was a difficult..impossible..claim to "counter"..I tried to explain that I hadn't noticed that there was (what appeared to me to be a) "glitch" in the software (or something) that had "misplaced" maybe one minute (of a 3 hr + mtg) of video I'd posted.. I tried to explain that the "issue" that was being discussed had already been decided (so why would I delete it?)..I tried to explain how the only reason I had added the link to the video was because someone on WW had requested it..and that the video was already done before the request was made..not a video "made to order" for the person who requested it. In the end..it was business as usual.. Slager discrediting..some believing him. But the difference for me was I knew the truth that I hadn't purposely "doctored" the meeting. I've posted over 200 Wareham meetings, and many other videos, etc.. ..each one still available. Anyone can view these meeting's to confirm that they're complete..as is..whatever you want to call it. Sometimes I haven't had a full, or complete copy to post. But hey..I do what I can.

Who cares what Slager says? Great question, no? Think about it. Why is he still around trying to tell everyone what they should think about every little thing "Wareham"? No residence, No business.. It would be like any of us "getting all involved" in Halifax's concerns..trying to tell all of the resident's of Halifax what to think..how to vote..about everything. He talks about your (Mike's) "creepy infatuation" with him.. How about his "creepy fascination" with Wareham..and in particular his "foes" from Wareham. I used to often post this on the site you can't stomach for more than five minutes, Mike.. "Go away Bobo, Go away".. It would just be more peaceful for Wareham.. I have no doubt.

..and now "cheewowa" on Bobo's Eblog..

By: cheewowa on 9/22/11
Posted by P-Span on WW,
"Go away Bobo, Go away".. It would just be more peaceful for Wareham.. I have no doubt.

Chee: "BW's terminology"-laced declaration by P-Span. He should have ended it with "I have no clue." How old is this P-Span the wonder boy?

I'm 44..my name's Dave DiPietro.. What's your name "cheewowa"? How old are you "cheewowa"? Idiot.

I must say.. I do like the "wonderboy" name though.. Maybe I'll create another screen name..and start having conversations with myself. Yeaaaah, that's the ticket.




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For my next Warrant Article (-I've never submitted one but humor me-) I will propose a fine of 1000 hours Community Service for any passing reference, or allusion to Bobo and his ilk. Second & subsequent offenses will multiply the infliction of great pain. Capital Punishment in this Utopian world is you're condemned to endure eternity in Parkwood next to the Jane & John.

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I couldnt agree more, Bill..I was alerted to the fact that he was spewing his shit about me on his site and couldn't care less..what I do care about is whats happening in this Town and it aint good!!



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Harrythebarber wrote:

I couldnt agree more, Bill..I was alerted to the fact that he was spewing his shit about me on his site and couldn't care less..what I do care about is whats happening in this Town and it aint good!!

If the "Mark Andrews Fugitive Selectman Summer" taught us anything, it's that beyond proving a public nuisance, Slager, Sauvageau, Eckstrom and the Parkwood Donahues(*) no longer play -any- role in the affairs of this town.

That and no one is standing on their hind legs to ask the right questions while the vultures circle.

(*)I want to take this opportunity to welcome, thank and maybe embarrass Marilyn C. Donahue, who joined the site the today.

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Robert Slager?  Would that be the Robert Slager, formerly of MPG Newspaper Company?  Still stirring things up huh? You may remember me.  You know, the young, talented writer you hired for the Halifax Reporter in 2004.  I just wanted to say, on the record, that I haven't forgotten how you rushed me through my last story, at the end of the day on a Friday, only to let me go in a totally cowardly fashion only minutes later.  That was the most politically infested, bullshit-ass job that I have ever had and I just wanted to thank you for puttting me out of my misery there.  Truly, thank you and kiss my ass for leading me to believe that I could contribute in my field of expertise, sports.  Take care............



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jwright wrote:

Robert Slager?  Would that be the Robert Slager, formerly of MPG Newspaper Company?  Still stirring things up huh? You may remember me.  You know, the young, talented writer you hired for the Halifax Reporter in 2004.  I just wanted to say, on the record, that I haven't forgotten how you rushed me through my last story, at the end of the day on a Friday, only to let me go in a totally cowardly fashion only minutes later.  That was the most politically infested, bullshit-ass job that I have ever had


Bottom feeders like our redacted friend here are about all that's left of smaller media markets. These images were taken six months apart.



#46 2012-02-01 09:53:06

Jwright, sorry to hear about your bad experience working with Bobo the Clown, but talk around to local journalists and you'll find you're not the only one with a bad story about Bobo.  Find some solace in knowing that he's made so many screw-ups and blunders over the past few years that he's basically now just a big pile of washed-up crap that will never get a job in journalism ever again.



#47 2012-02-01 09:59:25

And J, if you happen to have any more stories that would embarrass or humilate Bobo the Clown, we'd be happy to hear them.  Please feel free to share.



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He should be called "School Bus Slager" from know on........the man is the true source of all information on school bus accidents throughout the Commonwealth.................I saw a close one in Halifax today, looked around, but no Bobo on scene........he can only be concerned if it is Wareham.............he is a Wareham obsessed person who need to be treated.



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